Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Puffins And Such

I haven't done a list for a while!  :)

1) Today I took Roxy to the vet for her annual checkup and some shots (she was due for a rabies vaccine).  Clean bill of health!

Cute.  Also, you may notice the pink "bandaid" on her front paw that she immediately tried to eat on the ride home.
2) This past Saturday I got to be cheerleader while Oscar raced!  Because he was just getting back into his routine and recovering from Kona (the support crew has more recovering to do than the athlete I think!), he used the race as more of a "tempo" than all out racing.  He still ran a 1:18:59 half marathon.  He ran with one of my Ballou Skies teammates who was also using the race as a harder tempo in preparation for ITU Long Course Worlds.  Being the awesome spectathlete that I am, I cheered hard and took this awesome picture!  (seriously, I wasn't trying to be artistic, I really just suck that much at taking pictures :)

3) The Kona sun did something crazy to my back and now I look spotted.  I think if you lived in Kona you'd have to take a bath in sun block daily!

4) I GOT TO SWIM TODAY!  I've been hankering to do a little light training but the big bad blister on my foot needed some time to heal.  Today I finally felt that it was healed enough to push off the pool wall so to the chlorine I went.  :)  Happy day!  I will bike a bit tomorrow and go to masters on Thursday.  Dirk has given me a total of 4 weeks to do as I please before we get back to a structured plan so I plan on taking advantage of it and go as I feel.  I do feel pretty darn good though.  Compare this to last year when at this point in the game I wanted NOTHING to do with my bike for a good 2 months.  :)  I guess I really learned to like my bike after all this year!  What I'm really excited for though is running.  Fall in Pittsburgh is THE best time to run.  Awesome temps and beautiful fall leaves.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  :)

5) I bought my first box of Puffins at the grocery store on Sunday.  There are so many people that praise the Puffin!  And indeed, I now understand why.  Too bad they are $5+ per (small) box! 

Hope everyone has been having a great week thus far!  Happy fall!


  1. Wow, in all the times that I've visited Kona, that's never happened to my back, but the skin on my face sure takes a beating. I still can't believe you ran with those blisters Beth, yikes!

  2. yup. totally what my back looks like. looks like leprosy I swear! so gross! glad the foot is healing, oscar is a super fast runner and I'm so glad you are already raring to get back at it! so excited to see what team dirk and beth have in store for 2012. I'm also secretly really having the itch to train again as well strangely enough.... fall running for me too though :)

  3. that's what my back looked like after Cozumel! hope you dont have any weddings coming up ;)

    beth - wtf is a puffin?? i thought they are penguins no? $5 penguins in a box?!

  4. i must ask as well what a puffin is? puffed rice? penguin shaped corn pieces?
    love the pic of oscar. awesome!

  5. Roxy is SO cute!! Buy Puffins at Trader Joes, they're a bit cheaper for a larger box. :)

  6. Oh if you have a Trader Joe's the Puffins are much cheaper there. And i eat em like a snack, just handfuls. ( oops I think we worked on that diet habit didnt we!!!) Enjoy the rest!
    Oh i just saw that ER/EA told you the same thing!

  7. Puffins are awesome! And I concur with above comments - they are cheaper and boxes are bigger at Trader Joe's.

    I completely agree - Fall is the BEST ever for running in Pittsburgh!

  8. Zach and David love Puffins. I shouldn't be confessing this to a dietician but I prefer my cereal be covered in sugar.