Monday, July 27, 2015

Since We Last Spoke...

...I RACED!  Not going to lie, it was a bit of a rough experience (including the $263 speeding ticket I got on the drive from the airport PLUS 4 more points on my license...oh man...).  I was the last pro out of the water.  I flatted on the bike.  But the real issue is, my legs flatted too!  Ooooops!  I felt out of shape and NOT race ready.  But you know what?  It was so awesome to race again, I didn't care.  I may have a long way to go but at least I'm moving in the right direction.  And any race, even when you don't perform like you want, is better than sitting at home on the couch with a broken shoulder.

Plus, we had fun.

When in Wisconsin, one obviously wears a cheesehead.

Racine, you were rough.  But we got 'er done.

I might have drank a fruit salad in the airport on the way home.

I also went to a few concerts since last time I wrote.  I highly recommend Billy Joel at Fenway Park.

And Slightly Stoopid at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.  Pretty sure I was high from second hand smoke.

And then there was the trip to Lake Placid that I just returned from.  It was my first time in Lake Placid.  First time watching an Ironman.  Many firsts.  And it was awesome.

Mirror Lake.  Not a shabby place to do all your swimming for a week.

I worked The Core Diet booth at the IMLP expo.  I've never answered so many questions about beet juice in my life.

Found a picture of myself at the expo at the NormaTec booth.  And then Michelle made me take my picture by it.

Did a bunch of training, including climbing to the clouds up Whiteface Mountain.

Did an absolutely awesome ride with the boys.  Although at the time I'm not sure "awesome" is the word I would have used to describe what was happening.

And then there was just the normal every days.  Smiling.  Feeling alive.

And eating watermelon.  Duh.

Until next time.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Starting Over

This year has, thus far, been a year of "starting over", in many different ways.  At times it's been disheartening.  At times thrilling.  At times very scary.  At times extremely frustrating.  Through it all I've tried to keep an open mind, an open heart and the cursing to a minimum.  I've failed miserably.  I've seen some success.  I've laughed hysterically.  I've cried (a lot).  I've been overwhelmed with gratefulness for the true friends and family that have seen me through it all (and continue to do so).  And I've tried to remember that life is pretty damn awesome every single day.  And that even when it hurts, it still feels really GOOD to feel so alive.  I've got a lifetime to live yet.  The only way to do it is with happiness.

In a few weeks I'm going to Racine, WI to race.  My shoulder has been slow to heal.  I've only swam a handful of times and my bike/run fitness is lacking too.  But I don't really care.  What I've learned with each re-start is this: you have to start somewhere.  And starting over ain't so bad, after all.

The past few months...

There have been some bad days.

But also some amazingly good days.

I rode my bike to the Atlantic Ocean.

And around Lake Cayuga in upstate, NY.

And up the Kanc (x2!) in New Hampshire.

I highly recommend stopping for pie mid-ride.

I got to swim in the beautiful facility at Ithaca College.

But most of my swimming (as limited as it's been) has taken place in this beauty of a "pool".

If you're ever in Boston, go to see Joshua Tree, awesome U2 cover band.

A little reminder from a very wise friend.