Thursday, December 3, 2015

And So It Goes

So yea, turns out I didn't race Ironman Arizona.  Oops.  What happened is this: after my not-so-awesome race at Ironman Chattanooga, I was pretty pumped to get an opportunity in Arizona to redeem myself and put some of my fitness to use.  But then my body just didn't come around.  Or maybe it was my mind?  Training wasn't great but I hung in there.  Then training still wasn't great but I hung in there.  And then training STILL wasn't great and I found myself sitting outside the YMCA one morning in tears because I REALLY didn't want to swim.  Wow, not sure how I got there.

So I took a step back and bailed on Arizona and got off season off to an early start.  Not how I had it planned but this entire year hasn't exactly gone to plan, so, yea.  What I've learned is, you have to roll with the punches.

I recently watched a documentary about Team Foxcatcher (disturbing story of John DuPont's team of wrestlers) and in it, Mark Schultz comments about how, to reach your potential as an athlete, your life has to be extremely stable.  That resonated with me quite loudly.  My life has been anything BUT that for the past year.  And I think what happened in Chattanooga and following the race is, it finally all caught up with me.

I will admit that I worried that the fire to train and race wouldn't come back and that my body wouldn't ever come around again.  I spent a few weeks doing absolutely nothing.  Then a few weeks doing what I felt like and then last week, I decided to actually try to "train".  It went well.  I do indeed still love to swim, bike and run.  That's a relief!  But still, just taking it one step, one day at a time.  So far, so good.

In the mean time, I've been doing other stuff:

I met #mavicthedog.

This thing is evil and makes you really sore.

Turbo?  Yes please.

Great little spot.  To ride a bike or to watch other people ride bikes.

Fall in New England is really pretty.

Don't have to twist my arm!

There was a girls night (or two or three...).

I rode a mountain bike.

Like for real!  On hard trails!  Turns out, I'm not too good.

I went to the zoo in Greenville.  They have a giant anteater.  He is awesome.

Wait, another picture of coffee?  Patriots win, Dunks gives out free coffee.  Go Pats.  Maybe one of these days, you'll have one for the thumb, too.  

Seriously?  Heartbreaking.

I've been swimming with a great masters group and the day after Thanksgiving they did 100x100.  I did 50x100 which seemed like enough.  

I was trying to hold out to get to the cheap gas station (gas for $1.97/gallon!).  I was only sweating bullets for 15 or 20 minutes.

A nice little reminder.  I will need this.