Sunday, December 1, 2013

Off Season Whereabouts

I've read many athlete's accounts of their super productive off season wherein they redid entire rooms, cooked meals for all of 2014, got caught up on work for weeks to come and cleaned every last closet in their house.  Here is the account of my super UNproductive off season.  :)

These past two weeks I've:

1) Slept.  A lot.

2) Went to the movies with Oscar.  And ate lots of popcorn.

3) Missed running.

4) Missed swimming.

5) Kind of missed riding.

6) Bought a dress.  This was somewhat productive.  For most women this would be a routine task, yet it was quite an undertaking for me.  It required outside help (my friend Kristen) and there was some weeping and gnashing of teeth.  I dislike shopping but we got 'er done.

7) Learned how to butterfly!  This is perhaps the most exciting development of the past 2 weeks.  I've been going to masters and even attempted the Tuesday "off stroke" workout.  My lanemates quickly grew tired of me substituting free for fly so they gave me a fly lesson after practice.  It's not nearly as complex a stroke as I thought and I kind of like it! 

8) Bought a minivan.  Not sure how this one happened!  Oscar has wanted a minivan since we got married.  I brazenly declared that I would NEVER own a minivan.  At first it was not a real problem because we could not afford one.  Then, as the financial issue became less of an issue, gas prices soared and I was able to reason that such an inefficient vehicle didn't make sense.  But Oscar was starting to wear me down.  Every time I struggled to get all my luggage or my bike into our tiny car, Oscar pointed out how nice a minivan would be.  While I was in Arizona (before he joined us), Oscar went minivan shopping.  (sneaky!)  And when I got back, I somehow got talked into joining in the minivan search.  On Saturday we drove one home.  I'm probably going to love it and it's cavernous interior.  But right now I kind of feel like a soccer mom without any soccer kids.

9) Dreamed big dreams for 2014.

Here's to getting back in the groove of "on season"!