Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Oh boy, it's been a while.

If you've ever had a blog and at some point failed to update that blog for a significant period of time, you'll understand my current conundrum.  You want to write and update but you don't know where to start.  A lot of time has passed and a lot of things have happened.  Because this seems like such a daunting task, you choose instead to watch tv.  Or take a nap.  Or walk the dog.  Then more time passes and more things happen.  At which point the task becomes even more daunting.  The blog goes silent.  Then you start getting emails asking if you are okay.  Yup, I'm getting the emails.

So here is the abridged version!

I raced Kona in October.

I came home and took a month off of training.  There was weeping and gnashing of teeth.  I survived.  My coach nearly did not.

I started training again.  The holidays happened.  Life moved forward.

In January I cursed the weather.  My foot started to hurt.

In February I went to Florida.  Weather much better.  Foot not so much.  I spent a month in FL, first helping out with the QT2 AG training camps (which are awesome, by the way, check them out here) and then at the QT2 Pro camp.  I swam and biked a ton.  I did not run so much.

Then it was March and I had an Ironman coming up in South Africa.  But my foot was still not right and at the same time, I was going through a very hard time personally.  All signs pointed towards NOT racing in South Africa.  It was heartbreaking, but life moves on.

And indeed, life did move on.  By mid March I was running again with much less pain (Hokas to the rescue - seriously).  I made a tentative plan of racing IM Texas.

In early April I ran a running race.  It was painful.  But the good kind of pain.  And my foot was okay.  I bought plane tickets to Texas.

And now here we are in late April and this Friday, I'm about to board a plane for my first race of the year (Galveston 70.3).  I haven't raced for over 6 months.  I hope I remember how this goes!  After Galveston, I'm staying in Texas until IMTX where I will (if all goes according to plan!) race my 10th Ironman.  Hard to believe.  My Mom will be there as always.  I'm looking forward to it.

There you have it in a nutshell - the last 6 months of my life!  I know you've just all been dying to know.  :)  And because I know pictures are really the only thing people look at anyway...

I got me a new bike and she is faaaaaaast and purty!
And I got me a new racing kit too!  Many thanks to an amazing group of supporters again in 2015.

I've been training in Boston for a bit now and I have to say, I really like it here.  It's mostly the people of Boston I love.  Because they say things like this, with a straight face, and expect you to understand them.

I've picked up a bad habit, or two.

House 1717 from camp.  We were, by far, the most awesome.  (of course)

I blame this on you, Corbin.  I never even HAD gelato before...