Friday, October 14, 2011

More Kona


Ballou Skies at the Underpants Run!  :)

The flowers in Kona are more beautiful than anywhere else I've ever been!

You also see stuff like this at the UP Run - two older gentleman in "adult diapers"!

The beautiful church on Ali'i.
The Mdot poster with everyone's name on it!  :)
My grandfather.  :)  You could find him most days lounging by the pool in his jeans.  :)
My mom and I at the pier.  My mom is one of my biggest supporters and has been to all 6 World Championship races I've done including Clearwater x 2, Vegas x 1, Kona x 2 and even Short Course ITU AG Worlds in Hamburg, Germany!

My mom found this guy outside of the house we were staying in.  He agreed to a picture.  :)

My dad helping me put my bike together.  This involved a hand drill and plyers.  Serious stuff!

My race wrist band and my hospital wrist band!  I took a visit to the Kona Community Hospital on Monday before we left to get my foot patched up and make sure it wasn't going to rot with infection.  :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  :)


  1. No sure which bracelet is cooler :)

  2. You needed a drill to get your bike together? Yikes!

  3. You know what- I saw that picture of your foot and told my boyfriend..she needs to go the hospital!! I hope it's feeling better!! Enjoy your down time!

  4. Great pictures Beth! I love that your Grandpa came along, and wears jeans at the pool :)

  5. Love the pics.....okay not the hospital bracelet.....but all the others! Keep smiling girl!

  6. Congrats to you, loved the pics and sorry about that foot!! Take care and enjoy your off- season:))!!