Saturday, October 1, 2011


Kona is just as awesome as I remember it!

We arrived yesterday afternoon (Kona time) after a long day of travel.  First a 4 hour flight to Phoenix and then a 6 hour flight to Kona.  Needless to say, I was tired of sitting on a plane! 

Of course the first thing we did when we got here was...go to Lava Java!  :)

Then (after my food digested that is) I went swimming.  I needed to MOVE!  It was already dark so I went to the Kona Aquatics Center (vs the ocean) which is AWESOME and free.  I can't believe it's free.  It was such a beautiful night and I already felt like I was in heaven!

This morning I woke up excited to swim in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific with Sarah.  We met bright and early and again, it was AWESOME.  (warning - very likely overuse of the word awesome until I'm back home in Pittsburgh :)  I just love, love, LOVE swimming in the ocean here.  I could literally do it all day long.

I also had a little double brick on the schedule which I did on the hot and windy Queen K.  Yep, it's still hot and windy out there in lava-land!  I felt good though and it was just great to be out on the course.  Race day is almost here!  YESSSSSSSS!!  My excitement is most definitely building!

The view from our VERY awesome house.  My parents can just watch the swim from our lanai!  :)
Now all we need is Oscar!  Unfortunately he is still stuck at home in the 45 degree and raining weather.  This morning he sent me a picture from the cross country meet he was coaching at.  Soaking wet and muddy as can be.  Pittsburgh weather isn't quite like Kona's...  ;)



  1. So awesome you got to connect with Libby, where are the pics of two of my favorite peeps?

  2. Minus having to do an ironman this weekend it sounds awesome :)