Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back To Reality

It's been a week since the awesomeness of the Coast Ride and let me tell you, this week was one big slap in the face straight back to REALITY!

When Oscar picked me up at the airport last Tuesday night, it was 5 degrees.  I wanted to cry.  In case you're wondering, 5 degrees is really cold and it feels even colder when you were just riding your bike outside in 70 degrees.

The following day I had a long(ish), hard(ish) run.  I waited until the afternoon when the temps *finally* reached double digits but it was kind of a moot point because the windchills were still in the negatives and trust me, that wind was brutal.  I made it through the run feeling pretty good - I think just because my legs were too frozen to feel fatigue or pain!

And then I went into hibernation.  Seriously.  I was brutally tired all day Thursday which lead to me sleeping almost the entirety of Friday.  My body was in revolt.  From the travel, from all the riding, from the cold - who knows but I was TIRED!  Saturday I woke up feeling much better and today I think I can say I'm finally back on track.  Whew - turns out riding 375 miles takes a bit out of you!  :)

So back to reality and back to routine. I can't say that I'm that sad though because routine is my friend and truthfully, it was almost *too* easy to train in California.  I'm almost positive this is the type of thing that us stupid people that don't live in warm weather tell ourselves for comfort - but I do believe there is some benefit to struggling through the challenge of training in "winter".  It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure!

In other news, did you see the video of Galen Rupp's American record attempt in the indoor mile from yesterday?  If not, check it out here.  I'm a pretty big Rupp fan.  Talk about pressure starting at a very young age!  But I'd say he's living up to the hype.  About the record attempt he said: "It was pretty close to as loud as the Olympics ... The people here were unbelievable ...  I couldn't hear the splits so I wasn't sure where I was at any point ... With a couple of laps to go, I heard the crowd getting really loud so I knew must be really close so I just tried to drive as hard as I could to the finish."  I won't spoil it, you'll have to watch the video to see if he did it!  #inspiration

And finally, if you need something to listen to on the trainer or treadmill, check this out.  #babypros


  1. It is amazing how the travel and training catches up with us -- AND training in this cold is SO hard. I am always wiped when I run hard below 10F degrees outside....just a whole different level of hard.

    I agree...when I am in Tucson, I just think it is all way too easy...:)

    Welcome back to reality. I am a Rupp fan too!

  2. I don't know if we would call it easy, we just think the rest of you are nuts :) But it's the swimming indoors that would kill me where you all live...that's just gross!

  3. Welcome Back Beth! Your trip looked amaaaazing. way way back I drove up the big Sur Highway.. way before I rode bikes... :) I would LOVE to ride out there! What a great opportunity! I loved this video of you guys!!! Very cool!!