Sunday, January 13, 2013

The (Not So) Frigid Five Miler

Today I ran the Frigid Five Miler.  I also did this race in 2009 (24 degrees w/icy, slushy, snowy roads), 2010 (4 degrees) and 2011 (14 degrees).  Here is a picture of me finishing the race in 2009.  Yes, those are icicles forming on my hat and face.

Today it was 60 degrees.  I told my friend Heather I was going to have to retire from The Frigid Five Miler after today because it was likely never going to be this nice again!

After getting warmed up and stretched out and dressed in the proper attire (shorts!), Oscar and I headed to the start line for some strides.  And then, the GUN!

Off we went.  It is here that I will stop to mention one thing: OUCH!  Holy ouch.  BIG ouch.  I sort of forgot how hard racing is.  Which is a good thing.  Because I think if I remembered how hard it is, I wouldn't keep coming back for more!  :)

Through the first 3 miles, I mostly fixated on how bad I felt.  This perhaps isn't the most positive thing to think about, but it was dominating my mind nonetheless.  I should also mention that the first 3 miles are rolling but net down.  And that's because the last 2 miles are up.  Especially the last mile - it's really up (close to 300 feet of climbing in 1 mile!).  Luckily when I got to mile 3 with just 2 to go, instead of thinking of how hard I was breathing, I became quite obsessed with the thought of beating the girl that was running very closely with me.  And I was also fixating on running a faster mile 4 and mile 5 than I ever have here before.  I usually don't finish too strong on this course!

I'm happy to report that I achieved both of these goals - I held the girl off by a mere 2 seconds (I could hear her breathing down my back the entire way up that last hill) and I set a 43 second PR on the course, thanks in large part to the fact that I ran the last 2 miles 30+ seconds faster (combined) than I ever have before.  I'm certainly not getting faster with age but perhaps I'm getting a little stronger!

It was such a fun morning.  And I'm totally thrilled to be back to racing (even in low key running events) and can't wait for the next one (just 2 weeks away!).

Kim and I decided Frigid Five medals are roughly equal to Olympic medals.

Look at this cutie I found in the parking lot.  I think I'll keep him!  :)


  1. Wow, those past years look freezing!!! Congrats on a great race!

  2. Nice work Beth, looks like the run speed is coming along. That pic from 2009 is simply awesome!

  3. i agree-that pic from 09 is EPIC! congrats on a great run!

  4. Love the 2009 picture! We got your frigid temps here in CA. It was 24 degrees when I started my 2 hour run, my lips were so numb I was slurring my words when I tried to talk. Congratulations on your frigid 5 PR! And, yes, those short running races hurt! But they hurt soooooo good :-).

  5. I remember that 2009 photo. That was just crazy.

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    1. Oops, it ate my post! Nice job on the race. It was warmer at your race than it was at noon for my 5k yesterday here in AZ. Weird weather everywhere! :-)

  7. Well done!

    If you need anything for St. George, shout! Hub's family lives down there, so we're planning on introducing them to the latest family member that weekend. A little 70.3 vol'ing always makes for an extra blessed weekend!

  8. Wow - I knew it had been colder the last few years but didn't remember exactly how cold it had been! Congrats again- that's a huge PR for 5 miles!

  9. Congrats on your new race pr and on holding that girl off in the end! You were lucky with the weather this weekend.