Monday, January 7, 2013


Yesterday I got down to the business of entering all the races I am doing for the first half of the year.  That put a big smile on my face.  This time of year is usually hard for me.  Cold.  Snowy.  And no racing on the horizon.  I'm forced to "race" other people in the grocery store, or up the steps at work.  And yes, I realize I may have a serious character flaw when it comes to competitiveness.  

Anyway, here is the plan for the year:

Oceanside 70.3 - March 30
New Orleans 70.3 - April 21 (there will be a swim this year, there will be a swim this year, there will be a...)
St. George 70.3 - May 4
Raleigh 70.3 - June 2
Eagleman 70.3 - June 9

Yip yip!  As you might be able to tell, I'm focusing on 70.3s this year.  After this set of races, I'll decide what direction I want to go in as based on how the points are looking and how I'm progressing.  

Did you notice the 70.3 double in June?  You can't possibly know how excited I am about trying that.  I'm pretty sure it might not seem nearly as fun when I'm melting slowly into a puddle of death on the EM run course BUT the good news is, when I emailed about registration into Eaglmean, I told the pro coordinator that I was requesting cooler weather for the race this year.  So it will probably only be 95 instead of 10,000 degrees.  You can thank me later for that one.  ;)

Also, that is just my TRI racing schedule!  Dirk wanted me to do a bunch of road races (running) this winter and trust me, he didn't have to tell me twice!  I'm racing quite often actually AND get this - doing a 5K of all things for one of the races!  I haven't run a 5K since March 29, 2008 (had to look it up in the training log) - almost FIVE years ago!  That should be (painfully) fun.  :)  The first running race is actually this upcoming Sunday.  It's a 5 miler that ends on an evil, evil hill that is about 3/4 of a mile long.  I've done this race 3 other times and I have NEVER once broken 7:30 for that last mile.  I kid you not.  That's sad (but really, the hill is so freaking steep and long).  That shall be my goal this weekend - crush 7:30 pace that last mile.  HA!

Happy racing!

This has absolutely nothing to do with the blog post but it made me laugh.  :)


  1. Sounds like a really fun year!! Your gonna kill it!

  2. J4 was just telling ME how competitive *i* am. hehe. so true. i certainly believe you when you say you are too!! i would not want to get in your way!! and i am so excited you are racing road races. i imagine it will be pretty cool to be back out there and i can't wait to see you how do-especially in the 5K. enjoy!!!

  3. Looks fun. Can't wait to see you kick butt this year.

  4. Nice schedule! Looks like you'll get to visit some fun places!

    Good luck this weekend! I think it might be the warmest Spring Thaw in race history? :)

  5. I did my first 5K and 10K in like 7 years in November, I have to say, I enjoyed it. It was fun trying to push it right from the start, crisis management galore.

  6. Sounds like a good schedule! The running races should be fun. Good luck this weekend.

  7. LOVE your race schedule! I think 70.3s are the perfect distance - long enough that you need your endurance but short enough that you get to race ALOT! Good luck in all of your upcoming road races!