Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coeur d'Alene

This place is awesome!

For one, it's beautiful.  I rode parts of the course this morning and I just didn't want to stop.  The lake.  The evergreens.  The mountains.  It's just as I imagine Montana looks like. 

For two, it smells good here.  Like fresh air.  And when the wind blows it smells like a Christmas wreath.

But mostly I think this place is awesome because the people are so darn nice!  I've never had so many people start conversations with me in the grocery store.  And smile at me.  And let me go on my bike even when they have the right of way.  :)

The view for the majority of the bike course.  Otherwise you get to look at the pretty lake.

And this would be the pretty lake.
I am very excited to race.  I have lots of goals for this Ironman one of which is to break 10 hours.  But my biggest goal is to have a good run.  This is something I haven't yet been able to do at this distance.  I know I have the fitness to do it but we all know that you need more than just the fitness, especially in Ironman!

Otherwise, I want to really enjoy the trip which thus far has been easily achieved!  Tonight I pick my mom and Oscar up at the airport which will greatly enhance my trip!  This is a special weekend for Oscar and I as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary tomorrow.  Hard to believe it's been 10 years. 

Oscar had anniversary flowers waiting for me when I arrived at the hotel!
We look so young - oh wait, we were!  :)  Had to dig out at least one old one.
Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!  Make it a great day and appreciate the gift that it is.  That's what I plan on doing!


  1. Good luck, Beth. I will keep my fingers crossed that you do have that great run. Congrats on your special anniversary and so glad that your family is there to cheer you on.

    Danielle Graham

  2. Looks sooooo pretty and scenic there!! Good luck - you will do awesome! :)

    Happy Anniversary too!!

  3. yea!!!!! the time is here! I've been thinking about you all week! so excited for you to race this weekend. I just know you are ready to have a great race. isn't CDA amazing??
    happy anniversary to you and o- I love the wedding pic- you guys are so beautiful!
    sending you all my positive vibes this weekend. stay positive, stay fueled and never ever give up until you get to that finish line! race your heart out beth!!!

  4. Best of luck Beth and happy anniversary:) glad ur fan club will be there!!

  5. Good luck and happy anniversary! Our neighbors are headed there this weekend for vacation and they had no idea an ironman is going on (they had to ask what the three sports in an ironman are). They are excited to cheer but I find their timing hysterical.

  6. Wishing you the best Beth! I raced there last year and can see you succeeding on that course. The course is beautiful. Enjoy it and use that mental toughness you've developed to get after the run (that's what got me big time last year). And happy anniversary! We will also celebrate 10 years come August and were married young like you. 10 years!!!

  7. Yippeee, it's almost race time!!! I've been excited all week for you and your first IM pro debut! Have a blast and remember, whatever happens, O will be there waiting at the finish line to celebrate 10 years (thinking about Chris took the stress off of me at Eagelman) :) Happy Anniversay and Good Luck!

  8. YAY BETH ! have a GREAT race and weekend! And, that course looks intriguing to me, in a good day - enjoy your FIRST non- Hawaii IM, it is a ton different (and much more fun!). :)

  9. Good luck Beth. Can't wait to track everyone in CDA this weekend.

  10. Ok wait a Oscar sent you flowers and he's flying out tonight? He's so romantic, congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!

    It's absolutely beautiful up there, you are going to kill the run course and the entire race on Sunday! I'm looking forward to tracking you. Have a great day!!

  11. Congratulations on 10th anniversary. Good luck this weekend. Time to crush it.

  12. happy anniversary!!!! and I agree, I love it here, it's amazing!!! see you out there tomorrow!!! (!!!!!!)

  13. Have a magical race tomorrow Beth! Enjoy!