Thursday, June 28, 2012

CdA Pictures

Thank you, triathlon, for inspiring so many.  Found on the Gonzaga campus.
Oscar, my mom and I really enjoyed the trip to Coeur d'Alene.  After the awards on Monday we headed to Spokane (only 35 minutes away) to check out the sights and (of course!) head to a baseball game.  We visited the Gonzaga campus (always cheer for them in the NCAA tourney, never knew where the school was!), relaxed at a coffee shop, drove through downtown and then headed to the Spokane Indians game (a short season rookie league affiliated with the Texas Rangers).  The game was a blast.  I'm sure I've been to more minor league games than major league because Oscar actually perfers them.  They are very family oriented and laid back and they have mascots like Recycle Man (!) and in Spokane, Doris and Otto the Spokanosaurus(es).  They were very ridiculous looking dinosaurs with baseball uniforms on.  It was awesome. 

My mom at the Gonzaga library.  A librarian must visit all libraries within a 50 mile radius!  :)
Look who found $12 hoodies on the clearance rack at the Gonzaga bookstore!
Mom and I at the game.  She puts up with a lot.  :)
Coeur d'Alene itself was also a beautiful, fun place filled with beautiful, fun people!  The community TRULY embraces the race and everyone is SOOO into it.  Just about everyone in town seemed to have some type of involvement, whether they knew someone racing, were racing themselves, were volunteering, etc...  And if you were racing, they were asking about it!  One such person that typifies the friendliness and giving nature of the CdA community is the awesome Sue Hutter.  Her and her family have been hosting athletes for years at their home and going out of their way to help any and all.  I know I truly appreciated Sue's support before, during and after the race!  Oh, and Sue takes beautiful pictures as seen below!

Whitey is ready to go!

Meredith explaining the swim to me as I adjust my goggles for the 10,000th time.  :)  What I wanted to ask was "can I just tie a rope around you to me and you haul me around this lake please?"

And away we go on the bike!

One foot in front of the other.

The volunteers were truly amazing.  I mean TRULY amazing.  From the people standing in that FREEZING cold water all morning helping athletes out of the swim to the people "catching" nasty, sticky, smelly athletes at the finish and everyone in between - many, many thanks!

Okay, this is the last time I post a podium shot.  ;)

Amazing how much a little block of wood can mean to you.

If you are thinking of doing IMCdA, I highly recommend it!  It's not a PR course (at least I don't think :), the water is cold and choppy, the bike is hilly and windy and the run is hilly too!  BUT, it was an amazing experience and the race was just done RIGHT.  You will truly be an Ironman when you cross that finish line!


  1. Love the last pic and caption!

  2. It is funny how much a trophy can mean to you! So happy for you and your success and if you want a PR course, I'd recommend IM Lou. Hot, but you'd crush it. . and I could give you all the ins and outs of that course!

    Happy recovery!

  3. Congrats on an awesome race!! I very distinctly remember those pigtails lapping me on the run :) You looked so strong!

  4. Congratulations to you again Beth!!! Well done out there:)

  5. love the pics, so beautiful and the one with you talking to meredith is amazing. by the way, meant to say that with the challenge of the pro swim, 1:03 isn't so bad! you have more in you but that is pretty solid!
    oh and promise me this won't be the last podium pic you post!!!!!!

  6. Hey thanks for the fun pics. I would love CDA but i think the water would freak me out:)
    You did great, and I do know what a plaque of wood can mean:) I have a plaque of granite that means alot to me, too!

  7. Great pics. Love the podium pic so post it away as much as you like. You should be so proud of it.