Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Highs And Lows

As in years past, I shall present my highs and lows of 2011!  Actually, looking back in past blogs, I don't think I've listed out my highs and lows for a few years now.  Oh well, time to RE-start the tradition I guess!


This is the easy part.  2011 was a great year for Oscar and I and there were many highs!  The only hard part is deciding which highs to choose.  Nevertheless, here are my picks (after quite some thought).

1) Our trip to Northern California in July for Vineman 70.3.  Oscar and I both really enjoyed this trip.  It was obviously mostly for the race but we also got to see San Francisco for the first time, went to a Giants game, saw wine country, visited Stanford, etc...  It was such a blast!  And because Oscar was off school, we got to travel together (usually I fly first for races and he comes later, etc...) and weren't rushed to get back home.  FUN!  Of course there was also the race itself which was awesome - I got to meet and re-meet lots of awesome people and triathlon friends and the course was BEAUTIFUL!  Plus I had a great race which in a way was a turning point for me mentally this year.  It was after Vineman that I really started to believe I could race at a higher level and possibly race elite in 2012.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge is awesome!
View from Giant's Stadium isn't too bad either!  :)

2) Kona.  It's hard not to choose a 10 day vacation to Hawaii with your family with an awesome race in the middle as a highlight for the year!  :)  PLUS many awesome friends happen to be on the vacation too!  :)  I had so much fun in Kona this year - seeing old friends, meeting new ones, spending time with my family, getting to swim in that awesome blue ocean and of course, PRing by 30+ minutes in the Ironman! 

Best finish line on earth!

Fun friends to swim with!!  :)

Other high point contenders: Christmas in Hilton Head, being a part of Ballou Skies, and so many others to mention (I do have to go to bed sometime tonight...  :)  Like I said, 2011 was an awesome year and we were blessed in many ways!


This is a tough one for me.  I have been hugely blessed this year in that I've had no major life lows (ie: loss of family or friend, financial instability like loss of job, etc...).  In fact I was actually going to write this blog last night after work but instead spent the evening at the funeral home unexpectedly with my dear friend Lori.  Her mother passed away over the weekend after a lengthy battle with leukemia.  My heart broke for Lori and her family as Lori is my age, with 2 young children and her mom was only 61.  That seems far too young.  Being with Lori only solidified in my head how blessed I have been to have all my friends and family happy and healthy.  Life really is good! 

And while I would categorize myself as a mostly positive, happy person, that's not to say I don't have low points or didn't have any tough times throughout the year.  Most of my lows come from feeling overwhelmed with life (ie: too much to do, how to fit it all in?) or worried over the decisions I have made in regards to how I want to live.  But really those times are few and far between and they are what I make of them.  To me, happiness is a choice.

So here's to another great year in 2012!  Can't wait to see what's in store.  Giddy up!  :)


  1. And the highs were highs!!! I hear you on your friend. Yes, happiness is a choice-

  2. What a great year. Yep, giddy up! Can't wait to see you flourish in 2012!!!

  3. Sounds like a truly great year, 2012 will be amazing I am thinking

  4. I am really excited for you for 2012. I acnnot wait to see you ripping it up on the race course. I am glad there were not many lows.

  5. you hit the nail on the head. happiness IS a choice :) and it of course helps you have so many awesome things to be grateful for!!

  6. YES HAPPINESS is a choice and what a 2011 year you have had!!! 2012 will be even better!!! :)

  7. So excited to see what 2012 holds for you, and Kona is definitely one of my highs too :)

  8. happy new year beth! i am so thrilled to follow you in 2012!

  9. I believe your BEST days are ahead!!! You're going to have a stellar 2012 Beth!!! Sooo looking forward to watching and hearing all about it!! :)

  10. Giddy up, one of my favorite word choices! Best wishes in 2012 Beth, very exciting to start a new chapter in sports!