Friday, January 13, 2012

Race Schedule

First, thanks so much for all your kind comments on my last blog entry!  I was expecting the worst but got the best.  Now I know I'm not done talking about my faith, but for now, we'll move to another topic...


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I *think* I finally have a race schedule put together.  Well, more like 1/3rd of a race schedule.  I've divided the racing season into 3rds this year and I've only gotten as far as to figure out the first 1/3.  But boy was it harder than I thought!  One great thing about racing as a pro is that you don't have to sign up for races year(s) in advance, but one down side is, you don't have to sign up for races year(s) in advance!  So because you CAN hem and haw about it, you do.  Well at least I did. 

Anyway, the races (up until the end of June):

February 11 - Hilton Head half marathon (yeah!)
February 26 - CMU swim mile (double yeah!)
March 31 - Oceanside 70.3
April 22 - New Orleans 70.3
May 20 - Columbia Olympic
June 24 - IMCdA

Woop woop!

I'm bummed I couldn't make Eagleman work this year.  I was going to do it and then I wasn't and then I was and then I wasn't... Dirk finally said no to that one which is fine.  It's only 2 weeks before IMCdA so it would have been tight anyway.  I'm really excited to do IMCdA because I haven't done a non Kona (non 10,000 degrees) IM before!  And I hear it's beautiful in Coeur d'Alene!  And I don't mind cold water (that much).  I of course had to do Columbia because I've done it the past 5 years and now it's a tradition.  And a whole bunch of fun friends are doing New Orleans!  And Oceanside?  Well, I did that race in 2009 and LOVED it.  Like really, really loved it.  I signed up for it the next year but was hurt and couldn't go and then last year I WANTED to sign up for it but it closed before I got my butt in gear.  So this is my year to return.  And I like Oceanside for the reason that it's early and I always get REALLY anxious to race come March.  (I'm actually anxious to race now but beyond going to Pucon, I didn't think there was a race I could do...  :) 

Now the only down side to this schedule is that I will not have my sherpa extraordinaire with me for my first two races!  SAD CLOWN!  But my sherpa seems to have a job and no more vacation days (dang Kona) and so I must go it alone.  Luckily I have some really good people taking care of me in both Oceanside and NOLA so hopefully I'll survive!  :)

So there you have it!  Beyond June I'm not sure what is going to happen but I am hoping at least one other IM is involved (Arizona?) and also some Rev3 races.  There are so many good choices, it's really hard to decide! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays warm!  :)


  1. Very exciting!!! Glad to see I will be at two of those races :)

    I thought your last post was really cool too! Very interesting and courageous to put yourself out there like that!

  2. so stoked your racing IM CDA, we need to kick it a bit while you are here! let me know if you need anything!! Looking like a solid season so far, bummed wont be at Oside.

  3. Best of luck of course. I think I am different. I think I love training, and races are just something I do, because of all the training I do. :) Kind of a necessary evil thing. :)

    HA HA!!! have a good weekend.

  4. That's a really nice bonus that you don't have to sign up a year in advance anymore! :) Did they change the bike course at CdA this year? I think maybe I heard something about that? Last year it was fairly technical... Well, way more than Kona anyway. Lots of little hills and sharp turns (at the bottom of those hills!)

  5. Bummed I have to wait a little longer to witness your pro debut. That will make it that much better!

  6. OH FUN FUN! I love schedules! And I want to go back to Oceanside too one year !! That is ok with EM - it will always be there. I am taking the year off EM this year too. :) AND you will LOVE a NON-Hawaii IM. I can't believe I waited that long to do one (5 years). :) Fun schedule, Beth!

  7. Sounds like a great schedule - you will have so much fun at Oceanside-that's something in the bucket list!! I was thinking of Columbia Olympic, it's not too far for me, I have Mooseman June 3 - thinking that may be good timing...I was also debating NOLA since my brother lives there!

  8. That looks like a really fun schedule. It is such an exciting year ahead.

  9. Looks awesome, you've picked lots of cool places to visit and race!

    It is SO hard to decide which races to do -- my motto has become "too many races, too little time/$$!"

  10. Rev3 Quassy is a week before Eagleman and I'm hoping is a good final tune-up for IM Cd'A as well! Looking forward to watching your progress this season!!

  11. Sounds like a great schedule Beth!!! You're going to have a fabulous year!!! I know it!! ;)I cant wait to cheer you on!!!

  12. Ohhhh! Dirk shut me out of the EM/CDA route as well!! So, CDA for me too! So glad I will see you there - exciting first third of your schedule:)

  13. yea! what a fun schedule! you will love love love CDA. its so beautiful. I'm debating on some rev3's as well but only planning through NOLA right now hopefully we can coordinate a few races other than NOLA! yea!!