Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Week

This week is a big training week.  One of those weeks where you don't look too far ahead on the training schedule because you should really only focus on one day at a time.  I like.  I like a lot.  It's not quite as fun when you know most of your bike miles will be on the trainer (vs out in the warm summer sun) but I'm not complaining.  13+ hours on the bike this week will leave me lots of time to catch up on LOTS of TV!  (or stare at the wall like I usually do when I'm riding hard :)  AND there is a chance (yes, it's true!) that Sunday might be DRY and in the 40s and I can ride outside!  If you have fingers, now would be the time to cross them for me.  ;)

Speaking of weather, our winter has been extremely strange.  A normal Pittsburgh winter consists of the following: some snow and cold that starts in December and then just gets colder and snowier until about March at which point it's cold and rains and then some time in late May the sun comes out and it's a bit warm.  This winter?  Not so much.  We've had close to no snow and although we've had some frigid days, we've had many, many days of high 30s and 40s.  Weird.  Very weird.  Of course every time it's 40, it rains all day.  Today would be a good example.  I did run #1 of the day in rain and as based on this hour by hour account of our weather, it appears that there is a likely chance that run #2 of the day will also be in...rain.

But look at those temps!  50s in January in Pittsburgh?  At least I won't be too cold.  :)

In other news, the FedEx man brought me a fun package today.

I can't wait to try it out!  I got the shin sleeves.  Full review to follow. 

Also arriving in the "mail" today (that would be my email inbox), a few long swim set ideas from Katie.  Woo-hoo!  I love me a good swim workout and she had some great ones!  (thanks again Katie!)  But let it be known, Katie is a heck of a swimmer and I *may* need to do some adjustments on the send off times.  HA!  Example: one of the sets included 3x1400 on 17:00.  Crap.  That's...um...FAST!  :)

Okay, time to get back to work.  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. wow, 50 degrees in pittsburgh! that is awesome! boston has had a similar winter to you guys - today was the first day there was slush/nastiness outside today...not looking forward to the rain for the next 2 days myself. fingers crossed you get outside this weekend.

  2. Ha ha, you being ecstatic at 40° makes me feel bad that I complain about 60°, glass half full, that's what you are for me Beth Shutt! We must meet soon, I've heard too many good things about you from people who have.

  3. 50 degrees?? Lucky. We have a North wind coming to bring the temps way down. My run will be freezing tonight. yay. :)

    Looking closely at your weather thingy. Yep, you will be running in rain again.

  4. There was a small window of nice-ness today, but the temperature dropped pretty quickly after that.

  5. I think your blog last year that winter in Pittsburgh is like the mile was much more indicative than this winter! So strange, but it does look dry for Sunday :) So glad you like those workouts!