Friday, November 25, 2011

Double Days

Recently I've be doing several days a week of either double swims or double runs.  I like!  Although prior to about 2 weeks ago I had never done a double swim, I have done double run days in my life but not since this...

Bonus points for anyone that can identify me!  ;)
In high school we did double runs for just 2-3 weeks before the cross country season started in the fall.  And in college I did double run days 4-5 days a week pretty much year round.  But then I didn't do another double run for...oh...10 years.  :) 

My observations on double days thus far:

*Although I don't always feel better on the 2nd run/swim of the day, I almost always perform better (ie: swim/run faster with less effort).

*You get funny looks from the lifeguards at the pool when you show up for the 2nd time in a day.  You...again?  :)

*Double days seem to generate a large volume of laundry...even larger than normal.

*I CANNOT put on an already wet bathing suit.  I just can't do it. 

*I can re-wear running shorts no problem.  :)

*Double days are an easy way to really rack up the mileage/yardage!

I have yet to see a double bike day.  I have to say, I won't be too sad if I never do.  :)

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  So, soo, sooo very much to be thankful for!  :)


  1. I used to do double runs to add mileage. Got injured. :) Sometimes now I run to work, and run home from work. Not a lot though. Most of the times I just throw the bike in the truck, or drive in, and run home.

    Stay healthy, and you are on an unbelievable roll for staying healthy so that is good. :)

  2. I think i just lost my comment!
    We used to do doubles in tennis all the time, and i always was sharper. I think the motor patterns are more in touch the 2nd time round, a bit different with tennis and swim / run but for sure in swimming your stroke SHOULD feel more intuitive.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I used to do tons of double runs as a "marathoner", only way to get my weekly mileage where I wanted it. My "secret weapon" in training was a 20-22 miler in the AM with a 6 mile run that included 4 miles at LT in the evening...aaah youth! I've done double rides during March Madness when everyone in Davis is madly riding as many miles as possible. I've only done double swims in beautiful places aka Kona :-).

    I love hearing about your training...keep the blogs rolling.

  4. The first 3-4 observations are so true, kept agreeing with you as I read.

  5. I loved double days! I did them when I trained for the Open marathon and then growing up - of course. Not sure I have ever done a BIKE double either though...doesn't sound as nice. LOL :))

  6. double days sounds rough! if anyone can do it... you can Beth!

  7. love this post! fingers crossed for no double bike day. ouch that would suck. too funny on the lifeguards, that is awesome! and so agreed about the wet swimsuit. that was the WORST in winter in wisconsin growing up. I swore I would never do it again, still haven't!! keep up the awesome work!

  8. Wow - that's intense! I don't know why, but the idea of doing 2 runs in a day or 2 swims in a day seems so much more intimidating than doing a run AND a swim in the same day.