Friday, November 11, 2011

A Marathoning We Go

Time to marathon!  No, not me (although I really wish it was me...I want to run a marathon soooooo bad!), but instead, Oscar!  It's time for him to put all the training miles to good use this weekend at the Harrisburg Marathon.  His goal is to break 3:10.  My goal is to cheer like crazy!  I can't wait!

Oscar is the one on the right.  My teammate Jason is on the left.
My first week back to training went well!  Of course it's not over yet but because I knew we'd be going away this weekend, I front loaded the week and all the big workouts have already been completed.  We had some great weather earlier in the week and I was able to get outside for my long ride and a few longer runs.  Last night the weather turned a bit and I finished up my hill repeats in the cold and windy/rainy darkness.  Yep, winter is upon us.  This morning it snowed but I was warm and cozy on my trainer sweating away.  IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!

Happy 11-11-11 everyone and HUGE THANKS to all the veterans out there!  And happy weekend too!  Marathon reports to follow!

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  1. Get Oscar under 3:10 and maybe more with your cheering Beth, giddy up with your specathlete skillz!