Sunday, November 6, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

Finally!  No more boring posts about the off season.  Now I can write boring posts about training again!  Because in my inbox plan #1 of the 2012 season arrived!  YAHOOOOOOOOO!

As per the usual, Dirk surprised me.  That man always has something up his sleeve!  Missing was the HUGE bike volume that I'm used to and in replacement, huge running and swimming volume!  (can Dirk hear my prayers to God somehow??...kidding!)

Now don't misunderstand, the word "huge" is all relative, not only to each individual but also to each individual at any given time of the year.  But that aside, I was pretty darn pumped to see not just double runs (ie: 2 runs on 1 day) but also double swims!  I might not be so excited about this when I actually have to do it, but the thought of it right now is pretty jazzy in my mind!  I haven't done a double run day since college ( 10 years ago) and I have NEVER done a double swim day.  FUN FUN challenges and most certainly something to look forward to!

HERE.  WE.  GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in other exciting news, the state cross country meet was a huge success yesterday for O's teams.  The girls finished 8th and the boys a very close 4th place (only 20 points from winning).  It was a fun day of running around (or shall I say sprinting like mad, trying to follow O around the course to cheer - I think I might actually be sore today from it!) and watching some great racing.  Pennsylvania has some serious running talent and it was fun to watch some future super stars in action!

One of the rare moments Oscar stood still long enough to catch a photo.  Congrats Coach Shutt!

Mt. Lebanon girls getting ready to roll.

The state course is TOUGH.  This is a bugger of a hill 1.5 miles in that starts to separate the field out.

One of my very best friends, roommates and teammates from college is a high school coach in Western PA also.  Great to see her again!

Hope everyone has a great week.  I know I sure will with plenty of training to keep me busy and happy!  :)


  1. sounds like some fun training!! Enjoy the running...oh and swimming ;)

  2. Yeah for new challenges! I'm ALMOST ready.. not QUITE yet for the 2012 challenge! Love the pic of you and MB!

  3. so excited for you girl. I so LOVE the surprises and I LOVE that you have your first training plan as a pro! that's huge! with all those fall colors and awesome training plans I could almost wish to keep you company with your training in PA!!! congrats to oscar!!

  4. I'm kind of shocked to hear that you haven't done double run days in like 10 years, I just assumed you do because you put up such crazy numbers in training Beth. Bring on the season!

  5. Yay for 2012! I'm getting excited too! I don't think I've ever done a double run workout - wow!