Monday, March 26, 2012

Things I've Learned About Denver

1) It has really good radio stations. Like WAY better than Pittsburgh.

2) The view of the mountains doesn't get old.

3) The water here is REALLY cold out of the faucet. Like cold enough to take an ice bath without the ice! Very different from our lukewarm "cold" water at home.

4) You can swim outside even in March! That is very nice and also ensures that there is no dilly dallying on deck because the water is way warmer than the air temp!

5) It is painfully dry up here at 5000+ feet which is good if you want your towel to dry quickly but bad if you want your skin to stay attached to your body.

6) Because of said dryness you have to drink A LOT to stay hydrated but you still wake up with cotton mouth no matter how much you drink.

7) It's always so sunny and beautiful (even on chillier days) but that sun can be intense!

8) Its windy here. And when you say "wow, it sure is windy today" while riding, everyone laughs at you because to them its not windy unless there are 50 mph gusts.

9) There are sooooo many cyclists and runners and just ACTIVE people in general here. Its a great thing to see!

Denver is a pretty awesome place and I highly recommend a visit if you haven't already!


  1. Back in the day one of the major things I wanted to do was visit Denver... Then I decided, you know what??? I really like my skin attached to me. :)

    Beth you are so funny. :)

    Always wish the best for you, but you know that. :)))


    1. We are friends. We are different for various reasons... I had my obstacles, and man you know what. U and me are friends. :)) Trust me Beth. :) :D

  2. 10) Your hubby is back in the 'burgh counting down the days until you get home but is glad you're having a great time!

  3. Good to know Beth, considering that a move to Denver is a possibility! Did I tell you how much butt you are kicking of late?

  4. sounds awesome!! I couldn't get used to the am nose bleeds when I would visit my brother in the springs. getting so excited for your debut this weekend!

  5. Sounds awesome! Very envious of the outside pools :) Can't wait to watch your pro debut this weekend!

  6. I especially agree with 2, 7, and 8. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Denver.

  7. I've add the pleasure of visiting Denver a few times. Gorgeous place to go and a gorgeous place to run.

  8. hahaha! sorry about the lizard skin...I hope the cold water made up for it :) It was so much fun getting to know you more!

  9. AWESOME, no go grab all of that and LOVE your first pro race, very excited to cheer you on!!