Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Good Week

This past week was a good week.  I got back in my Pittsburgh groove.  Since I'm a lover of all things routine, this was nice!  Of course it meant going back to work but earning a little money every now and again isn't a bad thing.  :)

On Monday I dropped Petey (the bike) off at the bike shop and when I picked him back up on Tuesday he had some new cranks.  And now, my friends, we have POWER!

Oh little Quarq, how I love you!
Although I'm not a live or die by the numbers type of person, I have to admit that the Quarq coupled with the Garmin 910 has me totally captivated on all my rides now.  SO MUCH DATA!  Yesterday I was able to ride outside (best winter EVER!) and I couldn't take my eyes off (1) my watts and (2) the % grade function on the Garmin.  In case you are wondering, the steepest hill I rode up was 21.5%.  :)  I'm sure the fun will eventually wear off but I'm definitely excited for this new training tool!

I also got some deliveries in the mail.  One from PowerBar which means we are now well stocked and fueled for the next few months of training and racing!  Kona punch gels?  YES PLEASE!  And apparently I'm not the only one that likes me a PowerBar or two...

She's so bad...but CUTE!  It's a no win situation for us.  :)

Also, a whole box of LOVE arrived on Thursday.

Seriously best kits ever.  Sorry guys, for us women only!  :)
Training wise I've also had a good one - pending completion of tomorrow's brick, I will have finished off a nice 25 hour week feeling pretty good!  I even got to (sort of) do a workout with Oscar on Thursday.  Okay, I did 4x1 mile, 4x200 and he did 2x3 mi (oh, and he ran a lot faster than me too) but at least we warmed up and cooled down together!  FUN!  :) 

And that pretty much sums things up!  Hope everyone has also had a great week, with even greater things to come!  :)


  1. I always find riding with power fun unless it's one of those days where you're riding w/o any power in the legs. Then it's gets depressing.

  2. sounds like a fantastic week! Kona Punch is sooo good!! ENjoy your brick tomorrow!!

  3. I am simply stunned by how nice and pretty and NEW looking your cranks (and chain!) are... SOOOO pretty. My bike is such a mess all the time from riding in the wet weather we've had... I have not seen it look like that in forever. Even after I clean it! Enjoy that power. I find it so fun and fascinating.

  4. I really like watching power on the trainer, outside, not so much so I just focus on my avg. I do love the grade feature :)

  5. You are going to love that power!!!

  6. Oh Yay, I am getting a Q as well and will pick your brain on that soon. I also LOVE the SOAS stuff Beth, it looks so good on and off:) Very nice!
    We got cold and snow again but i hope you stay dry!

  7. power GRR! i don't have a power meter yet but i'm sure that when i do, i will also be drunk of the happiness of data!

  8. Yay for the Quarq! You will love it - it is such a great way to train. I get mesmerized by watching the %grade too (and total feet of climbing)!

  9. mmmm, power meter data is so fun! If you don't have analysis software yet, I recommend Golden Cheetah. It's free and there are SO many pretty graphs!

  10. I was feeling tired until I read this post, it was so damn peppy that I've got a bit of pep in me, come to think of it, most of your blog entries seem to have this effect on me.