Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leg Two

Let's see, where did I leave off?  After camp was over, it was time for recovery.  Lucky for me, Sonja knew how to accomplish just that!

Sonja picked me up from Melissa's house Saturday night and from there, the pampering began.  I truly enjoyed my few days with Sonja and Michelle.  We ate GREAT food.  We went to the movies (Hunger Games!).  Sonja let me be lazy (and BOY is the bed in her guest room comfortable!) and get 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  We laughed.  I played an INTENSE round of the Quiet Game with Annie (Troy and Sonja's awesome daughter).  We talked.  And I learned.  A lot.  I love being around others that are as passionate and interested in the sport as I am!  I had SO MUCH fun!  Oh yeah, we also did a little training!  :)  Fortunately Sonja and Michelle are also racing this weekend and so our schedules meshed somewhat.  We swam OUTSIDE.  YESSSSSSS!

Riding on a beautiful Colorado day!

Sonja (and Troy!) is an AWESOME cook.  This was avacado enchilada night.  Just the tip of the iceberg my friends.  There was awesome-ness every single night!

Unfortunately, I did eventually have to leave!!  I was sad to go but California was calling.  So after one last awesome lunch, Sonja dropped me at the airport on Wednesday to head further west.  San Diego or bust!

I never claimed to travel lightly.  :)
And now I sit typing in Marit's kitchen.  MORE fun friends to visit and stay with!  (did I mention yet how lucky I am?).  It seems Marit and I go way back - back to the time when I said I'd never do an Ironman (only stupid people do those...  :).  It's been great to catch up, see her beautiful artwork and photography with my own eyes and again be treated to amazing hospitality. 

So starts the 3rd and final leg of this trip - my pro triathlon debut at Oceanside 70.3.  I was talking with my mom today on the phone and she mentioned my very first triathlon ever, a small sprint race near Charleston, SC that she and my father came to watch!  I feel kind of like that day all over again.  Nervous and EXCITED and NERVOUS and really excited!  Not knowing what to expect and worrying about what to put in transition.  Much like that day, I have nothing to lose on Saturday and so much to gain.  It's a huge step for me but at the same time, it's all the same.  You line up.  You swim.  You bike.  You run.  And you smile when it's all done. 

Here's to another big smile on Saturday!


  1. holey bags! lots of baggage :) Have a killer race in Oside and enjoy the rest of your trip

  2. Blog world homestays are awesome!! IF you ever plan to come to Oahu for training you're welcome to stay with us! We don't have an extra bedroom but our couch is pretty comfy. ;) GOOD LUCK this weekend! I'm cheering for you!

  3. whoop! have an awesome race!!!

  4. "I played an INTENSE round of the Quiet Game with Annie (Troy and Sonja's awesome daughter). We talked.".....I hope you didn't talk while playing the quiet game, or else that meant you lost. Can't wait to track the pro debut on Saturday!

  5. Excited to track you as you rock Oceanside!! You got this!


  6. Sounds like such a great time!

    The picture of you with all that luggage cracks me up -- carrying that stuff through airports has to be a workout in itself!

    GOOD LUCK in Oceanside!! You're going to do awesome. I will be online stalking you and sending out fast vibes from the 'burgh :)

  7. Good luck this weekend - so excited for you!

  8. I can totally relate with how you bad talked Iron man I use to bad talk running and now I run a running blog encouraging everyone to run even the haters. My next step is to start in on ultra marathons and triatholons. Im super jealous of all you get to do hope I can catch up in the race to live and push our bodies to the brink. Good luck in everything you do!