Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vegas Pictures

Bird's eye view of Lake Mead.  Beautiful!
Lugging my bike box and huge suitcase through the airport has to be my least favorite part of racing.

The bags!  As you can see, I'm deep in thought.  Very complicated.  ;)

You can't go to Vegas and not cruise The Strip at least once!  Although my mom and I had been to Vegas before, Ben had not so off to see the fountains at the Bellagio we went!

It rained a bit at the awards dinner (yes, it DOES rain in the desert!) so clearly the solution is to use your napkin as an umbrella.  Ben suggested we take cover under the table!

The 30-34 AG podium.  I like when they make you hold up your award.  :)

At the practice swim in my new blueseventy speedskin.  Let's just say I had to do a fair amount of squeezing to get into that thing! 
And in other news, it's back to work!  I got my final schedule of the year.  I just can't believe it.  It truly feels like just yesterday that I was staring at my first Dirk schedule wide-eyed and very, very afraid.  :)  Of course I still stare at my schedules wide-eyed and very, very afraid, so not much has changed!  But now it's down to just 2 more weeks of BIG work and then, the grandest race of them all!  So excited.  And feeling so blessed!  Here we go!  We can do this!  :)


  1. BETH! CONGRATS again and again on your awesome race in VEGAS!!!! You earned that for sure! Enjoy the last push for KONA! Very excited for you!

  2. yes we can do this! love the pictures congratulations again. I definitely also have a little fear about the next few weeks but we can do it! can't wait to meet you in kona!!!

  3. Yeah!! Just a few more challenging got this!


  4. Great photos and Great job!! So awesome! Congrats on a great race and good luck with the last few weeks!

  5. Yay! I am so excited for you Beth, the best is yet to come, and you are going to have a great time in Kona:) go go go!

  6. Lugging the bike box around the airport is definitely the worst part of traveling with a bike! When I took mine to England to tour a few years ago, I lost track of the stares and number of times I heard "What do you have in that thing?!"

    Congrats again on an awesome race!!

  7. congrats! from my 1st experience-lugging the bike thru the airport is definitely the WORST. you rocked vegas and i am so excited to watch what you do in kona. good luck with the final block of training :)

  8. Huge congrats on your Vegas race!! Well done.