Thursday, September 22, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My friend Martin posted this video on my FB page (and then asked if I had started packing yet...HA...he obviously doesn't know my dislike of packing... :)

I love this song and like this video because it reminds me that I'm so blessed to soon be racing in one of most beautiful places on Earth.  I learned last year that Kona can be an overwhelming place.  It's a grand race on the grandest stage of all.  And just the thought of Ironman in general overwhelms me!  But if I think rather of the beauty and mystique of the island, somehow my fears fall away.  Last year during the race when I reached a very low point (which a few times...  :), I would look to the ocean and smile.  And remember - we get to do this!

15 more days!  (and just one BIG weekend of training to go!!) 


  1. Love that song as well. It was on the CD we made to be played when we went to the hospital to have Zach. Little did we know I'd be in labor FOREVER and hear that song hundreds of times.

    Getting excited for you! I can't believe Kona is so soon.

  2. That is a great song. Ironman distance seems like such a horrible distance. :) I'd imagine you would hit less low spots 2nd time around hopefully.

  3. LOVE this song! 15 more days, you can doooo it!!

  4. I imagine everyone has low moments during that race - even Mirinda, Chrissie, etc.

    Be you Beth, stay true to you and keep it in perspective.

    You are healthy. You get to do this.


  5. YES!!! love it and I Can't wait to get to experience it all good and bad. I just can't even imagine and it doesn't seem real! one big weekend left! we can do it!

  6. So excited for you! Can't wait!

  7. I tear up when I listen to that song!! Very excited for you! What a true blessing to be able to race in one of the most beautiful places on earth!