Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hay's In The Barn

This weekend I did my final big training for Kona. 

YAY - I survived!

On Saturday I had a 4 hour ride with some intervals and then an hour run off the bike, again with some harder running.  I felt great.  I rode with Ben.  I was done by 12:30 pm!

Today I had a 6 hour ride with a 1:20 run off the bike.  On my ride I saw many awesome things!

1) A beautiful bluebird.  He was so blue!

2) A flock (herd?) of wild turkeys.  Made me hungry for Thanksgiving.  :)

3) Oscar run a rocking 10K at the Great Race.  He ran 35:30 in the midst of marathon training.  Speedy!

4) A deserted Fifth Avenue.  They close Fifth for the race.  Imagine 10,000 cars on this road and that's what Fifth usually looks like.  The hospital that I work at is about a block from where I took this picture.  I've never seen Ffith so empty!  :)

6) 112.16 miles on my bike computer.  Just a tick too many.  :)

7) A massive bonk just 15 minutes from home.  Okay, I guess you don't "see" a just feel it!  I was so close...  I blame it on the headwind for the last hour!  Luckily slamming ~450 calories before my T-run did the trick and I felt fine running.  :)

And that is that!  Now it's time to rest up and pack!  Uh-oh...packing...


  1. Love love love that saying, and yes it's in the barn. Go Beth!

  2. Hi Beth, I remain a faithful reader of your blog, even though I don't comment much. You should know that a group of wild turkeys is a rafter. ;) I only know this because I looked it up after seeing some in California while on a run a few years back. That word is actually the answer to a question in the original Trivia Pursuit game, so you never know when it will become a useful piece of information. :) Good luck a Kona, I will be cheering you from Utah!

  3. Dang that sounds like a hard weekend. Luckily I only have to read about them. :)

  4. Hey Beth! Yay! Now the biggest challenge ( as you see it!) the suitcase:) ha!
    Rest up and enjoy the taper before you know it you will be in Hawaii! Good luck!

  5. we did it!! can't wait to meet you shortly :) was thinking of you last night as I was determined to start packing early so that I make this week more enjoyable. I hate packing too. I'm the one that stays up all night before leaving. determined not to do it this time!! A little every night!

  6. wow! solid training. you are so ready for this!
    make sure you fuel well for packing. that is what always gets me :)

  7. Back to back bricks?! That is a whole lot of hay! Definitely time to go into major taper mode. Make someone else (as in Oscar ;-)) pack and haul the bike around! Can't risk straining your back now :-).
    See you very, very soon! Congratulate Oscar for me on his speedy 10K!!

  8. I love all your jokes about packing since I hate it, too! Nice job on all that training. Enjoy your taper.

  9. Love this saying...good stuff Beth. And I love visiting Hawaii because packing is soooo easy, swim suits and flip flops, that's it! Well, the bike and race gear...

  10. YES! Lets do this!!! See you soon!

  11. I don't now how you do all that biking! It sounds like you're ready to roll and do awesome in Kona. enjoy the trip and the race!

  12. Yay Beth! Sounds like you are nice and healthy and ready to go. Have fun packing. :-)

  13. Wow... Fifth Avenue looks soooooo lonely!

    Sounds like you're ready for Kona... good luck with the packing!