Friday, August 5, 2011

Pittsburgh Showdown!

This weekend I GET TO RACE AGAIN!

This makes me happy. 

Very, very happy.

What race you ask?  Where?  Well right here in Pittsburgh.  At the North Park Triathlon - a race so small that I don't even think it has a website.  GASP!

Guess how much it cost to enter?  $37!  You read that right - $37!  Not $370.  Not $3700 (the approximate cost to race an Ironman in NYC in 2012).  But just $37.  I almost fell off my chair when I read that!

I've done this race before.  In 2006, the very first year I did triathlons!  North Park was actually the 5th triathlon I had ever done.  You can read all about that experience here.  And here is a picture from that race (had to dig way deep in the archives for this one)!

Yes, that's a road bike (that wasn't mine).  Oh, and I wore my wetsuit also.  FOR A POOL SWIM.  I kid you not.  I am embarrassed to even mention it!

But despite my lack of experience and relative triathlon fitness, I was still kind of fast.  Because back in 2006, I still had some speed left in the old legs!  So my goal for Sunday is to beat my time from 2006.  And that's not a weak goal either.  I knew how to go really, really, really hard back then.  Let's see if I remember how 5 years later!

Also, it should be noted that just because it's a smaller, local race does not mean it's not competitive!  The race director added a little prize money this year so many of Pittsburgh's finest will be there to fight for it. 

So I'm definitely looking forward to having a great time on Sunday with lots of great friends, racing hard, gutting it out to go under 1:09:01 and then driving back home in under 45 minutes.  :)

Happy weekend to all! 


  1. GOOD LUCK! Love it. My first triathlon was a pool swim too! LCM! Um, I usually don't say much (well..) but you look a little skinny in that pic!!!! AH! :)

  2. beth, how is the heck did you ride in a swimsuit?!!!!! i would love to find a race that costs $37; thats just amazing.

  3. Great picture! :) Love it!

    Too bad about those spammers. 1500+ comments/day? ARGH. That should be illegal!

    Enjoy your $347 race. That's awesome.

  4. A showdown in the 'burgh!

  5. My first and only tri was in a pool in Schaumburg. I rocked it. Pretty sure I broke the world record. :) LOL it was fun. :)

    Dang, I sure have spent a lot of time reading about triathlons never to participate... And I think I am the sane one. :) LOL

    Good luck really, you'll have a blast. :)

    excited for you to race and can't wait to hear all about it! you kinda look more ITU and less newbie in that pic though (ie. FAST!!)

  7. $37 race with prize money, whoa, something you never see these days. I'm positive you will crush it, though you may not go as hard these days, you are a lot smarter so you won't have to.

  8. That's awesome. In my first tri I wore soccer shorts - ON THE BIKE. Yeah, it was pretty great :) haha - have fun!!

  9. You are going to do great! Can't wait to here about it!


  10. New Course Record!!!! You beat everyone's old time!