Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Phone Download

I remember having an idea a while back to write a blog entry based on random pictures that I had taken with my phone.  I thought I'd do it every once in a while.  So I wrote that first entry and then I didn't remember to do it again until...NOW!  (9.5 months later...  :)

I did some nutrition lectures for the sports teams at the high school where Oscar teaches about 2 weeks ago.  I found this relic when I was checking out his classroom.  Haven't seen one of these for a while! 

About the same time, Oscar and I went out to get some ice cream and I caught this guy snooting around in the flowers!

Hard to believe our trip to Northern California was over a month ago!  I guess time really does fly when you are having fun!  (or training for Ironman)

I can't quite recall WHAT she had done, but I do remember it was something bad and I caught this picture of Roxy looking quite guilty.  :)

Cookie baking extravaganza for a church project!  We only had to make one extra dozen of cookies to cover all the "broken" ones Oscar and I ate while baking...  :)

This is an awful picture and in no way does the beauty of the morning justice!  But I snapped this one on my walk down to work from the parking garage one morning last week.  The sunrise was stunning.  Beautiful world we live in.

And in other news, I found out my pool is going to be closed ANOTHER 2 weeks longer than they had anticipated because they ran into some issues.  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Sadness.  But no matter what, I'll get it all done.  And in the mean time, I just keep reminding myself that in a month's time I will be swimming in the beautiful, amazing Pacific!  Not a bad deal indeed!

Have a great night everyone!  :)


  1. Beth you know as long as I have known you I thought, and think you are great. There is so much more to you though. You kick butt, and you will in Kona, and Vegas, and stuff, but you stopped letting us in. I don't know why, but I think you'll figure yourself out.

    I cannot be like you, but don't mean I don't think you are great in your own way. :)

    I would love to know about your non tri side self. Where did that go?? :(

  2. I love the pictures Beth! Roxy looks fluffy/puffy :) I can't remember the last time I saw a pencil sharpener like that either.

  3. can i have some of those cookies?!

  4. hahah love the phone downloads. we take such random stuff! but its a great insight into the daily life :)

  5. ahh... pencil sharpener. I helped my nephew get ready for first grade and he had to bring in 20 sharpened pencils. my brother bought one of those really small plastic hand held sharpeners. I was giving him a hard time telling him that when we were growing up we had an electric pencil sharpener at home. Of course he won't buy an electric one, but I did convince him to buy one of the mechanical ones like your picture.

  6. haha, do kids even use non-mechanical pencils any more? I couldn't tell you the last time I sharpened a pencil!!

    love this idea for a post! :)

  7. Great post....made me go check my "random photos" too! ha! That pencil sharpner is hilarious!

  8. love the guilty pics of roxy!! love this post! I don't know that many of those cookies would have made it out my kitchen to be donatated :)