Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ballou Skies Time!

Well, to save you trouble of reading about my woeful ride today (let's just say, I strongly considered laying down on the side of the road for a nap while out riding and the only reason I didn't was because it was pouring down rain...), let's take a break from training talk and instead talk Ballou Skies!

As many of you know, I am racing for this awesome charity this year.  It's been a truly inspiring experience.  I have been amazed by Ryan Ballou and how he keeps smiling no matter the challenges he faces, by Ty Ballou (Ryan's father) and his passion and dedication for raising awareness for DMD and by my very own teammates who contintually give of their time and talents to do the same.  Plus, everyone is really fast.  :)  In fact, Ballou Skies (all Pittsburgh athletes) alone is sending 6 people to Kona this year!

Take a quick second to click on this link and watch the short video to see how Ballou Skies monies are playing a major role in funding some ground breaking DMD research at Ohio State Univeristy.  GOOD stuff to say the least!

How can you help?  Well I'm glad you asked!  :)

Let me first say, when I started to consider racing for a charity this year, I had reservations ONLY because...well...I hate asking for money.  Of course that is a totally silly reason to not do it, and I knew that.  But I was seriously concerned about keeping up my end of the deal in terms of fund raising.  What I've learned though is this - people are amazingly generous and supportive and very willing to help if they are able.  And so all you have to do is ask.  Which is what I'm doing right now (in case you didn't notice :).

IF you are able and feel in your heart that it's something you'd like to do, please donate to our cause!  There are several ways you can do so - if you go to this page, you can donate online via PayPal, on Facebook (with credit card) or via check (and the address is on the linked page).  If you'd rather send a check to me (made out to Ballou Skies), leave me a comment and I'll get you my address! 

Many thanks for the bottom of my heart!  And if you are able to be in Kona this year and see my teammates or I in our Ballou Skies uniforms, please give us a cheer.  Three cheers actually - for a cure for DMD!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Done. It wasn't much, I'm a bit broke this month but if you race for Ballou again next year, I will donate again to make it up.

  2. will do! love that you are racing for such an awesome cause. I think if I could do the same it would increase my longevity in the sport. way to go on racing for such an awesome cause!

  3. Email me your address - and tell me who to make a check out to :)