Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Addition To The Family

Nope, not pregnant!  But please do welcome to the family, Zippy (Zip for short), my new bike!

Took a pit stop on our ride today for pictures and snacks.  :)
I didn't really get this bike on purpose.  In fact I had no designs on getting a new bike since I just got a new frame around this time last year.  But about 3 or 4 weeks ago I found a crack in my old frame.  Yes, I have a remarkable ability to crack frames.  Seriously, I have no idea how this keeps happening.  I treat my bikes with the utmost care and pack them like I'm transporting my only child!

Yet still, I had some cracks near the seat post and Cervelo, being the awesome company that they are, sent me a replacement frame.  I'm not sponsored by Cervelo and they don't know me from the next person on the street, but they've always taken very good care of me.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  Oh, and they make awesome bikes too!

Anyway, the replacement frame just happened to be the upgraded P3, which is more like a dressed down P5 then a dressed up P3.  In short, it's awesome.  And because Big Bang Bikes is such an awesome shop (and you should definitely go there if you are in Pittsburgh!!), they got me set up with the new Shimano Dura Ace Di2 group set so I'm also now electronic!  AND, I also got a frame size smaller (from a 54 to a 51) and got refit to make sure my position is maximized.

Today I rode Zippy for the first time outside.  And let me tell you -- he ZIPS like none other!!  I absolutely love the electronic shifting (how did we ever live without it?) but most of all, the smaller frame size is so key. At first I couldn't help but feel VERY low to the ground but once I got over that, I feel like the bike fit me like a glove.  A smaller frame size makes for much easier handling.  It was love at first pedal-push.

So yeah, now I just have to deal with the fact that my Zipp disc has a 10 speed hub and I need an 11 speed hub instead.  Which means I need a new disc wheel.  Like yesterday.  #ouch  (oh, and I also have to remember to bring yet ANOTHER charger to races with me -- the charger for my bike battery!  :)

Happy riding!


  1. OK YOUR TITLE made my stomach sink! I thought you were pregnant! :) You got me.

    Congrats on your new, cool bike! :)

  2. But Beth, they should sponsor you! Maybe they will now. Someone needs to tell the about you. And maybe if they see what you wrote about them they will sponsor you. And if they read your blog and see what an All American triathlete you are they will certainly requests to sponsor you just like that other company that builds steel or whatever did.
    I'm technically challenged but maybe someone needs to discreetly make them aware of your awesomeness ;)

  3. How in the world were you riding a 54? My P3 is a 51! Okay, I'm going to go look for some cracks in my frame :)

  4. I am with BriGaal!! How did you fit on a 54? A 51 is slightly too big for me and I am 5'7" (with legs that belong to a 5'3" girl). Congrats on your new family member, new gear is always fun, especially when it's as spiffy as zippy!

  5. Saaaaweeet! Not only the new P3 but the Di2! Now you have a bike that matches your awesomeness on the bike, keep racking up those fastest pro female bike splits Beth!

  6. Di2 is THE BEST. Just keep that battery charged :).