Friday, May 17, 2013

Busy Getting Busy

Signs that training has picked up again:

1) The drying rack is totally over-run with swimsuits, cycling jerseys, running shorts, etc...  Each load of laundry fills the thing up to capacity such that I find myself hanging things up in random places in our basement instead.  Good thing I don't really wear regular clothes that would also need space on the drying rack!

2) The last few days I've woken up with the oddly comforting feeling that is a combo of "I'm so sore and tired I'm not sure I can get out of bed let alone do my scheduled training" and "ah yes, this is the awesome feeling of getting fitter and faster!"

3) There is no food in our house.  Like seriously, where did it all go?  Bagels, bananas, spinach (actually fruit and vegetables in general), milk (of chocolate and white varieties both), yogurt...all of it...GONE!  Needless to say I need to go grocery shopping today.

So yes, I've been busy getting busy.  With training and recovery and all the life that happens in between.  After binging on races in the early spring, I do have to admit that this nice little 3-4 week block of real training has been nice thus far.  Working hard does bring a deep satisfaction to my soul.  And our weather has been great for it. I was even treated to an Eagleman-esque (ie: hot, humid and windy) day on Wednesday afternoon for my track session.  It put me in a serious place of hurt but I was glad to have gotten the chance to get a little more acclimated to those conditions!

I went to watch O's athletes compete in the district track championships yesterday afternoon.  They have a host of kids headed to the state meet now including some girl distance runners in the 800 (2:15), 1600 (4:55) and 3200 (11:08). Can't believe I last ran in this meet FIFTEEN years ago!  #oldtimer
Cracked my helmet (not on the pavement with my head in it but rather during airplane travel) so Rudy Project was kind enough to send me a replacement AND a case so it doesn't happen again.  :)
You have to try these out!  SO good, made with good ingredients and very easy to travel with.  :)
New SOAS kits arrived just in time for me to look good while riding my bike all day, every day! 

Happy training to all and to those racing this weekend: BE GREAT!  :)


  1. I had that same moment yesterday morning - where did all the food in my house go???!~!! Now i really have to go to the store after what I scrounged together for dinner last night.

    Glad training is going well!

  2. I'm always amazed at the amount of laundry I amass and it only gets worse as the summer goes on! Glad your training is going well!

  3. Love the vintage looking kit.

  4. Isn't training fun!?!?!?!? An opportunity to get faster!

  5. The kits are super cute! Our drying rack broke (horror!) so I've been using my bikes instead - tri bikes with their aerobars have lots of extra space to hang bike shorts and bibs. Glad your training is coming along so well!

  6. We hang our drying clothes off of our bikes.

  7. My house is exactly the same: No food in the fridge and cycling + running clothes drying everywhere!

    LOVING my two new SOAS kits, too!

    Glad to hear training is going well!

  8. I've never heard of SOAS before. Their stuff looks really nice but I cannot stomach the thought of paying $90 for a pair of shorts...ouch!