Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today On My Ride...

Today on my ride I:

1) Raced a train!  I wasn't doing too badly either until I realized I was riding at 230 watts which is not really acceptable for extended periods when I'm supposed to be "riding easy".  Was fun while it lasted!

2) Saw THE DeLorean.  I kid you not, the Back To The Future time machine is running around Springdale, PA.  I nearly rode off the road staring at it!

Unfortunately, Michael J. Fox wasn't inside the one I saw.
3) Rode into a headwind for 57 minutes straight.  BUT, I didn't care a lick!  I was so happy to be outside, on MY roads that the winds didn't even bother me.  AND, the tailwind back on that same stretch was DEEEE-VINE!

4) Was chased by a dog.  Twice.  And actually by the same dog both times.  He's just a little mutt but he comes charging out of his yard with a fury like you've never seen before!

5) Saw a llama.  There are more llama farms in Pittsburgh than one would expect.

I rarely stop to take pictures on my rides so I steal all pictures from the internets.
These things do NOT happen indoors on the trainer.  Can't wait to get outside again!  Happy riding!


  1. I remember taking some pictures of horses on some of my rides down 66th street. The start of all my long rides. Not sure what is in my future this Summer. We'll see.

    Llama thing is cool, and the crazy dog.

    Take care. :)

  2. That is NOT a llama. Those are Alpacas!!! SHEESH BETH!!!!! that is downright blasphemous!!!

  3. haha, sounds like we did very similar routes yesterday! I saw some alpacas too - at the alpaca farm on Deer Creek Road (at least, I think that's the road). The owner/caretaker (alpaca handler?) saw us stop to look and came out to talk to us and entertained all of our crazy questions ("how far can they spit?") and told us there would be babies in another month or so and that we could come back and meet them. It was an amazing day for a ride... Hooray for outdoor bike adventures! :)

  4. I run by a country day school that has llamas and I always say hi:) they always smile at me!
    Glad you are outside I think we have another roadblock called SNOW ahead:(

  5. outside.....Mmmmmmmmmm. divine!

  6. Hurrah for outside riding! Glad spring is finally starting to arrive on the East Coast! The cherry blossoms are blooming in DC - means lots of clogged roads and sidewalks, but the views make it worth walking your bike around the crowds.

  7. I wish I saw alpacas while riding on my trainer.