Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finish Lines

I've crossed hundreds of finish lines in my life.  Finish lines of big races, little races, cycling races, swim races, track races, road races, cross country races, triathlons. As I thought about it, I realized that no matter what type of race - a really bad performance or a breakthrough win, the finish line is ALWAYS such a welcome and amazing sight.  And the only truly bad race is the one where you don't cross the finish line.

I've never crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon but it's now a big goal of mine.

Another big goal I now have is to remember to cherish each finish line I'm privileged enough to cross.  Should I be blessed enough to cross the finish line this Sunday in New Orleans, I have made a promise to myself and all those in Boston yesterday that I won't take that line for granted.  And I will celebrate that finish line for all those that didn't get one yesterday.  And for all those who may not ever have one again.  #prayforboston


  1. Nice way to honor the Boston athletes Beth. Looks like you and me both will be towing the line at Boston in the near future, let's coordinate and make sure we are there at the same time. Crush it at NOLA this weekend!

  2. Denise and I will be cheering for you! We wouldn't be able to meet the qualify times ;-). #runforboston

  3. Very well said! Have a great race! Cheering from afar ;)