Thursday, August 2, 2012


A list:

1) Last night Oscar and I went to listen to Amy Rudolph and Chris Solinsky speak.  It was awesome.  Amy, a now retired 2 time Olympian, was one of my idols back in the day.  She's originally from PA and then ran for Providence, the school I desperately wanted to run for when I was in high school.  Chris, of course, is still racing competitively and just coming back from hamstring surgery.  I've always admired him as he is known for this work ethic.  Anyone who runs 90+ miles a week while still in high school is most certainly a work horse.  He is also a bit famous for his body frame.  He is the heaviest (by 25 lbs) and tallest (by 2-3 inches) man to ever break 27 minutes in the 10K.  He has ignored the stereotypes his whole life.  LOVE it! 

Take away points from their talks:
  • In sport you must have a very short memory - both for good races/training days and for bad races/training days.  If it's good, celebrate and then move on.  If it's bad, sulk for a bit and then move on. 
  • Success results from working really, really hard over a really, really long time.  Consistency and patience are key.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them both.  A very fun night!

2) Oscar taught Roxy how to "play dead" and it's simply hilarious.  Perhaps I need to make a video for all to see.

3) Steph and Kebby from SOAS Racing were interviewed on Competitor Radio.  They talk all about how and why they started SOAS.  Check it out here!  I honestly can't say enough good things about Kebby and Steph - they have been so amazingly supportive to me as I faced my rookie year of racing pro and they are also amazingly supportive to all women in triathlon!  They make a GREAT product but even more so, they are awesome people who really care about our sport.

4) I got a swim snorkel.  Today I tried it out.  Today I almost drowned.  I don't like that thing.  Not one bit.  I got enough water up my nose to drown 10,000 rats!  Tomorrow we try again...  ;)

Good night all!


  1. I love the swim snorkel!!! Keep at it, it will get better. It's so nice to not have to turn to breathe when pulling. It can really suck though when you do sprint sets!

  2. Please post a video...can't wait to see it!!! I love snorkel swimming...we do a lot of that over there. I swear sometimes there is a whole in the snorkel though (gag reflex!). Thanks for the updates...always fun to hear what you are up to!


  3. Try a noseclip with the snorkel and I bet you will like it! (I got mine for $3 at Dick's Sporting Goods.) The first time I tried my snorkel, I felt like I sucked up half of the Y's pool in a mere 50y (and I'm sure the lifeguards were watching my mix of freestyle, dog paddle, breast-stroke, and gasping/sputtering and trying to figure out what on earth I was doing). The package insert that came with mine said that learning to only breathe through the mouth is not intuitive for most and takes some practice. I decided to skip the adjustment phase and go with the noseclip instead - give it a shot! :)

  4. Swimmer's snorkel... keep at it... it took me about 5-6 swims until I felt comfortable using it. You've probably figured that by now. I'm still not good at flip-turning with it but I'm getting betetr!