Friday, August 10, 2012

9 Days, 3 Races

I've been looking forward to this stretch of summer all year!  (well, not really all year since I didn't sign up for all these races until about a month ago...but you get the idea; I'm excited!!)

I kick off this racing extravaganza with a 5K open water swim tomorrow morning!  This seems like a good way to start.  I've got to admit, it's not really clear to me if it's 5000 yards or 5000 meters (does the "K" stand for thousand or kilometers?...always confusing to me) but that is neither here nor there.  The idea is this: get in the water and swim hard for a long time.  My race plan is this: try to stay with Tim and Chad as long as possible.  Pretty simple 'eh?  I'm looking forward to it.  Also, it should be noted that packing for a swim race is pretty awesome.  Goggles - check.  Swimsuit - check.  Snacks for after race - CHECK!  :)

Next on the racing agenda is the North Park Sprint Tri on Sunday.  Yipppppeeeee!  This is a super fun race that hurts like a dickens.  The swim is 700 meters in the outdoor pool.  The bike is ~5 laps around the upper part of the park that is roughly 12 miles.  And then the run is 3.1 miles of crazy hilly trails.  I distinctly remember laying on the ground for a long time after the race last year.  I think it was about 30-45 minutes later when I finally caught my breath again.  Hurts so good!  :)

I then have a 6 day break until the Steelhead 70.3 up in Michigan.  More on this one later but I *really* love this race.  It was my first 70.3 (5 years ago?) and holds a special place in my heart.  :)

So to the races we go!  Best of luck to everyone who is also racing this weekend.  Be great! 

P.S. I also wanted to thank you all for the very nice comments regarding my grandfather's passing.  His funeral Monday was beautiful and such a wonderful opportunity to see first hand how many lives he and my grandmother have touched in their community over the years.  It was almost funny how many people came and told stories of how their children and grandchildren grew up swinging on the old wooden swing Pappap and Gram had in their backyard.  It is a pretty awesome swing.  I gave it one more shot myself before we left.  I'm pretty sure Gram and Pappap were smiling as they watched from above.


  1. Good luck this weekend! Love the swing - and yes, I agree your grandparents were definitely smiling down on you!! :)

  2. Go get it!!! They all sound like fun...glad you get to do them all!

  3. What a fun week for you!! Good luck!

  4. Good luck in your upcoming races! This weekend sounds like the perfect weekend!

  5. I think that pic of you on your grandad's swing is my favorite pic ever!
    good luck with all the racing! yea!!! this is why we do what we do. sounds like a really fun 9 days!