Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today Is My Birthday

I am 33 years old.  That seems like a good number.  Although on my cake last night at Oscar's parent's house, there were only 22 candles.  If I could know what I know now and go back to 22 years old, that might not be bad either.  :)

I like cake.
I like birthdays a lot.  You get to eat cake (although truth be told, I eat cake on other days too).  You get a gazillion posts on your Facebook wall.  And you get to choose where to go out to eat.  Not surprisingly, I choose Noodles and Company last night (plus I had a Noodlegram that was a coupon for a free bowl of noodles!). 

This birthday is especially awesome because by some divine intervention I not only don't have to work today but I also have a day off training!  This almost NEVER happens (mostly because I never get days off training).  I know some people don't like days off training, but I do.  Especially when the past 4 days involved 20 hours of training.  I'm getting better at handling big loads jammed in a couple days but my legs were definitely hating me yesterday.

So today I will relax and enjoy the day with Oscar and Roxy.  And just in case you forgot how cute Roxy is...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and many thoughts and prayers and THANKS to those who gave all in giving us our freedom. 


  1. Happy happy birthday beth! Enjoy the day off and of course the cake!

  2. Happy Birthday! As the saying goes " todays my birthday i can ______ if i want to." I will fill in "train and laugh and have fun..." not cry, Ok? :)
    Enjoy your cake!!! We have birthdays in our family April-May-June-July-August so its good that those are in the summer months so i can keep on moving! Ha!

  3. I'm so glad you got your Noodles!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Awesome! Happy Happy Birthday to you (a day late). People born on the 27th are THE Best! Roxy is the cutest, too!

    Glad your day was just what you needed, and hope your year stays the same for you, Oscar, and Roxy! :-)

  5. Happy Burthday Beth! Enjoy your day off!

  6. I already wished you happy birthday, but it doesn't count unless I do it on your blog :) happy birthday!

  7. happy happy belated :) hope it was a fun one!!!!

  8. happy belated birthday! sounds like a day OFF, completely OFF was the best present you could get!