Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ironman Training Is Hard

I was very much reminded of this fact (that IM training is hard) the past 15 days as I embarked on my first real IM training cycle for IMCdA.  I'm pretty sure I forgot just how hard it was until I was somewhere into my 6th or 7th hour on my bike, in the rain, on Sunday.  In a protective sort of way, I think our brains are programmed to forget such things!  Otherwise, we'd never sign up for more than one Ironman.  Of this I'm sure.  Somehow, the only thing I can remember really well from my previous two IM experiences was the euphoria of crossing the finish line.  :)

Nevertheless, I survived!  After my long run last night, I pretty much looked like this (only in our bed, not on the couch):

I don't even get where all those legs come from?
I think this is normal.  Remember, Ironman training is hard! 

And now, lucky for me, I get to rest up because...I GET TO RACE THIS WEEKEND!  YAHOO!  (and boy am I glad of this fact because otherwise I might be staring at yet another week of IM training - HA!)

Yes, this weekend is one of my all time favorite races, the Columbia Triathlon.  This will be my 6th straight year of doing Columbia, the only race I return to year in and year out since starting in the sport in 2007!

Of course the first year I do Columbia as a pro, they made the race a 5150 with HyVee qualifying points.  Which means a doubling in the size of the pro field (Columbia would usually have 8-10 pro females and now there are ~20 on the start list) AND the addition of some BIG STAR names!  Leanda Cave, Angela Naeth, Annabel Luxford, Debbie Tanner, Sara McLarty, the Wassner twins, etc, etc, etc...  GULP!  Let's just say, if my much improved swim is going to show up for ANY race this year, THIS would be the weekend for it to make an appearance!  HAHA!

But in reality, who is in the race is neither here nor there.  I will race my heart out as is always my goal and use my fast competitors to get the most out of myself - perhaps even break the elusive 2:15 on that course (it's a toughie - long bike course and lots of hills)!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and to all those racing this weekend (IM Texas/Lanzarote, Florida 70.3, etc..) HAVE A BLAST!     


  1. You are going to do great this weekend!! Good luck!! Sending good vibes.

  2. You also spend a great deal more time on the bike than some of us doing Ironman training :) I am amazed with the workouts you do! Good luck this weekend!

  3. Oh sounds awesome you get to race those ladies this weekend! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. Good luck Beth! Angela must be tired from St Croix:) hee hee.
    Go get em!

  5. Kick some Bootay this weekend.
    FYI - women tend to forget the ordeal with childbirth as well and do it over again:)

  6. time to unload, sugar pie! I hope to see you this wknd!

  7. Have a blast Beth!!! Kick some pro-booty!!!

  8. GOOD LUCK!!! and yes, IM training IS hard!!! :)

  9. GOOD luck this weekend! I need to do Columbia someday!!! :) GO GO GO!

  10. I'm sure I'll see you @ Columbia, but if not... GOOD LUCK! Looks like we're going to have great weather again this year!

    For whatever the entertainment value, I had a dream a few nights ago that I finished Columbia in 2 hours flat, but was mad that I hadn't gone a few seconds faster to have a 1:59:xx time. HA! My subconscious may not be grounded in reality, but I'm trying to interpret the dream to mean I'm ready to race! :)