Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Week Is Going Fast

Time always seems to move at warp speed.  Unless, of course, you are in the middle of a 10 minute interval on the trainer wherein you are aiming for an "uncomfortable" wattage goal.  Then time moves more slowly than imaginable.  :)

This week has been good.  Training is humming along.  Work is good and busy.  And it's sunny outside today!

I think I'll make a list of randomness.

1) I really like NEEDTOBREATHE.  They are a Christian band that have successfully "crossed-over" much like Jars of Clay back in the day.  You should check them out.

2) I'm racing again next weekend.  That makes me so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Roxy is cute and in this picture, really wants to be fed her dinner.

"Feed me human."
4) Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.  Definitely a sandwich worthy of celebration.

5) Somehow I got sucked into watching 16 And Pregnant while on the trainer this morning.  I have no idea how this show pulls me in. 

6) This week I had an evil swim on my schedule - 4x1500.  Ouch Dirk!  More than anything I think this workout was a test of mental focus.  And lap counting.

7) I've been looking into races that I want to do the second half of the season.  There are so many good choices!  So I then decided that I need not get ahead of myself.  One race at a time.

8) Did I mention I get to race next weekend??????????????

Have a great night everyone!  :)


  1. Lake Stevens in July!! Maybe IMC :)

  2. I second Matt, come to our neck of the woods!! Lake Stevens!!


  3. Good luck Beth! I watched 16 and pregnant on the plane home from Denver ( we were delayed, they gave us TV!) and i agree. Its like a trainwreck!
    Come race in Wisconsin. September. You know you want to:)

  4. yea for racing next weekend! oh and for those ridiculously slow going times on the trainer on a painful interval my secret is watching trash on vh1 and mtv :) :) :)
    can't wait to see you next weekend!

  5. I LOVE grilled cheese! Had one (or two) for lunch!! Good luck this weekend.

  6. 4 x 1500's! Love it! :) Longcourse though... would have to be longcourse for that one...

  7. And this weekend is going to be beautiful - no trainer for us!

  8. On long sets I like to assign the 100 I'm on to a month. So the 1st 100 is January, the 2nd is February, 3rd is March... and then i think about things that happen in those months while swimming that 100 and then move on to the next. Helps me to remember which one I'm on because once you're tired it's def not easy.