Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's In The Tweets

If Twitter (and what we tweeted about) were an accurate account of our lives, my tweets would indicate that my life revolves around triathlon training, Roxy, Oscar, and WATERMELON!  Oh wait...Twitter might be onto something...

A smattering of my tweets the last few weeks:

Seriously, he really did laugh for a LONG time.  And then had to tweet it to all his math teacher friends...  :)

She's so cute!

Cute, except for when she barks her head off.

As for training tweets, I just completed my "overload" block for Ironman Mont Tremblant.  For you non-QT2 people out there, overload is a several week period of training that is ~15% above your normal volume.  This puts me up above 30 hours (it's obviously different for everyone) which I love, but which also makes me really tired.  :)  You wouldn't think an extra 4 hours (or so) above normal volume would make such an impact but darn it if those 4 extra hours aren't exhausting!

This must have been early on in overload because I was still REALLY excited about sitting on a bike saddle.

Things start to get real during the 2nd week of overload.

Several 8+ hour training days = LOTS of gels, bars, sports drink, etc...

There ain't no crying in triathlon!

And of course, watermelon tweets!

My sister assures me that a watermelon milkshake is both creamy AND slushy.  #dreamy

So while I certainly don't tweet about everything going on in my life, I think our tweets are probably somewhat indicative of what's important to us.  Happy training, watermelon-eating and tweeting to all!  :)


  1. I ate a granola bar that I dropped on the ground during a bike ride. I didn't think I could make it home without it. So I just ignored the fact that this particular road probably had remnants of manure on it.

  2. Oh, editing and letters!

    I once had a student write on a test, "quemate en cama" instead of "quedate en cama" for advice on what to do when you are sick. (Translation- burn yourself versus stay in bed.)

    I still laugh about that four years later. Or the sweet girl who pronounced "Allegany" ... "a-leg-a-knee" instead of how anyone from Pittsburgh knows how to pronounce it. (That was many, many years ago and it still brings a smile.)