Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is This Thing Still On?

Oh boy, it's been a while, hasn't it?  I've turned into one of *those* bloggers that only writes race reports!  YIKES!  And to think, when I first started my blog (loooooong before blogs became popular and then became unpopular), I used to post almost every single day!

Well the good news is, you didn't miss much!  I last wrote just a few weeks after IM Wisconsin as I was getting back into training.  Since then, yep, you guessed it, I've done more training!  There have been some lows (had a rough week of fatigue right around the time of Kona) but many, many more highs.  It's hard to believe that I will be lining up for Ironman #2 of the season and #6 of my life in just one week's time!

Doing a "late season" Ironman is always interesting.  Especially when you don't live in a particularly warm climate.  I also did IMAZ in 2012 but last year the weather cooperated a bit better.  This year there were several VERY cold and windy outdoor long rides that helped toughen me up.  One such ride was 7 hours, solo, on a day when the windchill never got above 35.  I'm going to tuck that one in my back pocket for the next time I think I can't do something.  Interspersed with the cold outdoor rides have been some good indoor heat acclimatization riding on the trainer.  Although IMAZ isn't usually a terribly hot race (like a Kona or a Cozumel), it's certainly warmer than 35!

Nevertheless, I've really enjoyed my training this fall and feel quite blessed to be healthy and happy and in the position to work hard and see some really good results!  My last big day was yesterday so from here on in it will be resting up, relaxing and, my favorite - PACKING!!  :)

Some fall photos:

Roxy made it onto Slowtwitch before me.  Helps to be as cute as her.

My least favorite set of paddles (PT paddles) and I got into a fight at the pool.  No worries, I MacGyver-ed that baby right up and it's as good as new!

Some days I wish I was her.

The 7 hour ride where I apparently tired out my Garmin.  The file refused to download after I was done.  If you ride 7 hours but the Garmin file doesn't exist - did you really ride 7 hours?

One of Oscar and my favorite fall activities - filling our Operation Christmas Child box.  Check it out here if you want to get involved!


  1. I remember reading some of your original posts when I first started reading your blog. One of your early posts was seeing what color your pee was. I didn't go back and read a ton of your earliest posts, but some. I remembered that for some reason.

    I just saw Oscar ran a 3:01 and change. What a beast that sub:3:00 is huh?? I know it has taken me forever, and I still haven't done it. ;)

  2. Hi Beth! Good luck at Arizona. I love that race. Sounds like you are fit and ready and healthy! Jerome & I were going to be out there - Jerome racing/me supporting, but we are not going now. Jerome had a health issue (he is fine) - but it took awhile to figure it out and he was not able to train like he would, he is drinking beer and we are not going to Tempe - so good luck! We will watch you online.

  3. Best of luck, Beth! Can't wait to virtually cheer for you all day and watch your hard work pay off :)

  4. I've had the "long run fails to upload so did it even happen" inner monologue, it was not pretty. I hope I see you in AZ and I hope you crush it on Sunday.