Sunday, June 30, 2013


This year I tried to give up Ironman.  After 2 (somewhat) frustrating attempts at the distance last year, I wanted to take a year off.  Or I thought *maybe* one this fall.  But I wanted to focus on 70.3s for the most part and be done with that long training stuff for a bit.  I wanted to race a ton and get good experience going "fast".

But Ironman is tricky.  It pulls you back in no matter how hard you resist.  You can try to hide, but Ironman will find you.

It all started with IM Texas (in May) this year.  I started to get that little itch to give Ironman another shot after watching Texas online.  The feeling kept growing and growing and I started wondering how quickly I might be able to get ready to race one.  What can I say, I've clearly forgotten the pain of training for and (especially) of racing 140.6 miles!

One small problem though, was my goal of qualifying for and racing the 70.3 World Championships in Vegas.  If I did qualify for Vegas, Ironman would definitely have to be put on hold until the late fall.  So I let Ironman go for a little bit.

Then I changed coaches and a whole lot of things changed.  I (we) decided that when Ironman calls, one should answer.  And so, that's what I'm going to do.  Even if (and that's a big IF) I should qualify for Vegas, I've decided that I would turn the slot down because my new schedule includes IRONMAN WISCONSIN (which is on the same day as Vegas)!  There are a lot of reasons for that decision, which I won't bore you with, but suffice it to say, I'm REALLY excited to visit the land of cheese!  Yes that's right, I'm excited about Ironman!  :)

And so the training has begun.  So far so good.  I've had just two weeks of long(ish) stuff and I've really enjoyed both of them.  I'm learning a ton from QT2 and Tim and I feel all new and young and fresh in the sport.  Change is hard, but it is also turning out to be very, very good for me.

Now just remind me of these happy Ironman sentiments in a few weeks when I'm in the midst of all those BIG IM miles.  I may be cursing myself very soon...  ;)

remaining 2013 schedule:

Muncie 70.3
Steelhead 70.3
Ironman Wisconsin
Towpath Half Marathon
Ironman Arizona

Second half of the season calls for a new kit!


  1. THAT is an AWESOME KIT!!! You are going to be great! I hope you are renewed and excited!!

  2. Ha ha, you go from zero to not one but two ironmans, love it. Sweet kit, very pro looking!

  3. Your kit is awesome! Love it! And, so exciting you're doing Wisconsin! I'm volunteering and cannot wait to cheer! It's a fantastic race with GREAT spectators!

  4. Big changes! Good luck. Lets try to meet up for a ride.

  5. The siren call must be very strong for I see not one, but TWO ironman races on your second half of the season schedule! I wouldn't know anything about ironman distance addiction ;-). Good luck with the changes.

  6. PROMISE!!! we will meet this year in AZ!

  7. I've been having the same thoughts too. Must be something about IM that gets in your head...