Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is This Thing On?

Holy lack of blogs Batman!  (and I have no excuses because I'm not that busy!)

1) I started back to training!  It is awesome.  I always have and always will love structure in my training and life.  I'm pretty sure it's how I'm wired.

2) I'm sore as heck.  3 weeks is plenty of time to get good and out of shape and that's exactly what I did!  One round of my core/strength routine and I was having trouble sitting up the next day.  Those core muscles get weak in a hurry don't they?  (or maybe that's just mine... :)

3) Kim and I (and Oscar too!) visited my college teammate over the weekend.  She has the cutest kids ever as evidenced by the picture below.  In just one afternoon I learned that (1) being a mom is likely THE hardest job that there ever was and (2) when we have kids I'm going to have to get used to a whole new level of loud.  My world is really quiet and most of my time is spend alone or with one other person.  4 kids = a whole lotta crazy!

4) Thanks to an early Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad, Oscar and I are officially owners of the cutest mutt ever! 

Who doesn't love a Christmas sweater?
5) I signed up to do my tri club's 100x100 swim workout this Saturday!  I'm pretty darn excited although slightly frightened that my arms might fall off around #75.  I did this workout last year but I wasn't coming off a a big break.  Oh well, it will be fun either way!

6) I've also been riding my road bike which is quite a funny little machine!  I feel like I'm lounging on a recliner.  And I tried to get down into the (non-existent) aerobars a good 20-30 times in the first hour I was on it.  It's pretty odd to me but I'm sure in no time at all I'll get the feel for it and my TT bike will feel foreign!

7) I had another root canal done by my favorite dentist ever and now my mouth is so happy I could do a jig!  Root canals are seriously the best procedure ever.  I no longer have to live on Motrin and I don't cringe in pain with every swig of cold water! 

Hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit!  :)


  1. Fun trip and glad your tooth isn't bugging you any more!

  2. Your club has a 100x100 on tap? Sounds perfect for swim month!!! DC Tri better watch out! Happy holidays!!!

  3. Omigosh, I just had my 3rd root canal and I totally agree! They're all sortsa wonderful. I'm not longer addicted to Ora-gel (BTW, next time try that, it's amazing).

  4. Love the doggie sweater! I'm impressed you were able to get it on her and have her sit nicely for the picture... we've tried things like that with my parents' dog and he won't even deal with a bandana!

    Yep, the road bike <--> TT bike switch is always awkward at first, but you'll get used to it :) I guess it's because of the higher seat positioning on the TT bike, but I always feel like I'm driving a bus (or some other large vehicle) after I switch back to the TT bike after a period of road-bike only riding.

  5. Oh Beth, you are a positive person if you you're rooting for root canals now. Time to slowly build again and fill our blogs with training stories! I have yet to do 100 x 100's, I need to find a partner in crime.