Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ironman Makes Me A Delinquent Blogger

I know, I know -- I have no excuses!  But to make my case for why I've been a delinquent blogger/FBer/twitter-er, I've created some very sophisticated graphs.  I figure a picture is worth a thousand words.  Indeed, these works of art explain it all:

I rest my case! 

In all seriousness, life is good, training is good, work is good -- ALL IS GOOD!  But every time I train for an Ironman, I'm reminded how hard it is.  And how I don't have time for much else.  :)

All this time spent training does give me ample time to think of blog topics though so you just wait until the "off-season" - I'll blog so often you won't be able to keep up (yeah, probably not...)!  In the mean time, you can probably find me swimming, running, biking (oh the biking...), sleeping, eating, working (occasionally) or hanging out with Roxy and Oscar. 

Speaking of Oscar, we are headed to Columbus, OH this weekend for him to run his 7th (?) marathon and once again attempt to break that 3 hour barrier.  I'm really excited for him.  He has been on an incredible journey to run 2:59:59 and along the way has inspired me with his unwillingness to quit or give in. 

And with that...I'm off to the pool...AGAIN!  :) 


  1. It's incredible how much time triathlon training, especially for Ironman, takes up. Now that my season is over, I have time to do the little things, like dry my hair and make myself look presentable for work, ha! I hope you're enjoying this last big push befor Arizona! That race is timed perfectly to begin the offseason with a spread of turkey, stuffing, and of course pie!!!

  2. Sounds so familiar... i haven't blogged since Sept 30th. But now I am sick so i might just have to!

  3. YES - that is how I felt at this time last year as I prepped for IMAZ, but I did love it - great time of the year to do an IM. As long as we have nice fall weather. Hang in there....you are getting close to the taper!!! :) AND then after IMAZ you just roll right into Thanksgiving - best ever!

  4. good luck with your training!! a triatholon is something I don't think I will ever strive to train for, so more power to you :)

  5. Yep, those graphs sum it up perfectly!

    Good luck to Oscar this weekend!

  6. As to the title of your blog. Now I know it is about Ironman, and you know I don't know much about Ironman, but don't women do those too?? AND if so, can't they come up with another name for it??

    Come on Triathlon World THIS IS NOT 1930 Anymore.

    I was wondering if you were going to go the Marathon, Good Luck. Those are horrible things to spectate. :)

    Should be exciting though.

  7. I am on the Oscar bandwagon! I have never in my life witnessed such determination, guts, motivation, good spirit, and unwillingness to quit as your O. You two are seriously insipring!
    Go Oscar!!

  8. Nice chart (except for your inconsistent x-axis labelling). Thanks for all the cheering and support!

  9. I love your charts. Good luck to your hubs!!