Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today Is Awesome

I started the day with this:

It was a 2 hour run, starting in the dark of the early morning.  So peaceful.  The world had yet to wake up and I felt like I had 2 hours of the day all to myself.  This will always be my favorite time to run.  And yes, I live close to a place called Birdville. 

Upon finishing the run I downed a smoothie (waiting for me after my run...I do have the best husband ever) and O and I were off to downtown Pittsburgh where I did this:

This was a 2.4 mile swim race (in the Allegheny River in case you can't read :) and it was AWESOME!  I hung onto Megan and Anne's feet until the first turn (about 500 yards) and then I was all by my lonesome.  Pretty much my reality these days so it was GREAT practice!  The reported temperature of the water was 78 degrees but I'm pretty sure the race director meant 87.  Good thing I have all that practice swimming in my hot YMCA pool!  :)  Somewhere mid-2nd loop I was regretting two things:

1) only swimming about 4 times since CdA (hey, I've been focusing on biking okay?  ;)
2) running for 2 hours before the swim

Although truthfully, my legs were feeling fine, it was my arms that wanted to fall off!  OUCH!  But all in great fun and this is EXACTLY what I need to do.  I can't expect to be a good open water swimmer if I never swim in open water except during races!  In the end I was 3rd with a new IM swim PR of 1:00:30.  And my Garmin told me it really was 2.4 miles so I'm calling it legit!  (but yes, I know you can't call it a PR when you don't bike/run after).

All in all, a great morning of training with friends!

Next, Oscar convinced me we needed to stop at Qdoba for lunch.  Or maybe I convinced him.  I forget already.

And THEN, I came home to a box full of love from SOAS.  Let me just say, this made my day!  I've truly gone from "that person" who NEVER has a matching kit (and in fact clashes quite awfully) to being the best dressed rider out there - thanks to SOAS of course!  And get this, now not only do my kits match, but I have matching ARM WARMERS for said kits!

Is the thumb hole not THE best idea for arm warmers ever?  I've never seen such a thing but it's brilliant!
Also, who doesn't love a hoodie?

You know you need one.  The fabric is so soft!
Anyway, as I told O, the thing I most appreciate about SOAS is that it's a company created by women for women who support other women.  And I have truly appreciated their belief in and support of me.

I wonder what other awesome this day holds?  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. After 2 hours of running I am the laziest bum in the world. Congrats on the race, even though I know you hate racing. :)

    Tell Oscar I checked ESPN website, and saw Pirates were #5 in the Power rankings, and White Sox #6. Not very happy about that. >: /

    Have a good weekend. :)

  2. It was a very graceful swim entrance. Aren't you glad the swim exit at CdA wasn't like that.

  3. Way to crush the workouts and work on your "weakness." I truly believe you are a swimmer at heart, you just need to start believing it! We'll have to swim when you're down :)

    ALSO, I am that person that never matches so I'm very envious of all your matchy SOAS stuff!

  4. I think you can call it a PR since I know would have swum just as hard even if you did have a bike and run after. You know I'm right!!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Oh i just got another Soas kit:) i am SO applying for their ambassadors next year! I wish you could come swim with me at my lake, one loop is 2 miles and we do it once a week. then again in the land of 10k lakes ( there are actually like 15k lakes but who is counting) we love our lakes. other than my friend that just got bit by an otter. Ugh.
    Happy Beth:) Good post

  6. congrats! super fast PR! and i have never swam in that river and hope i never do. but then again i swim in the dirty lake ponchartrain owell..... congrats on a rockstart time!

  7. OMG, awesome swim! that river looks....hmmmm..

    (so jealous of those arm warmers, I want a pair!)

  8. I love the arm warmers!! Great PR!

  9. Congrats on your swim PR. I agree with others that it counts :)

  10. Congrats on your PR swim! That is so hardcore that you did a 2hr run BEFORE the swimming race!!