Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Like Riding A Bike

So far so good in warm and sunny South Carolina!

On Saturday I woke up early and rode my bike about 11 miles to the Piggly Wiggly in Bluffton, start of the area Saturday morning group ride.  I got there a bit early and discovered that at 7:40 am, the Piggly Wiggly gets the BBQ going!

Ribs for breakfast anyone?

Now I haven't been on a group ride for about...oh...5 years.  As most know, unless the group is made entirely of triathletes, group rides tend not to be the type of steady riding that I'm supposed to be doing for long(ish) rides.  But I went because (1) I wanted to meet some other cyclists/athletes in the area and (2) I really needed to know where people ride in this place.

4.5 hours later both issues had been taken care of!  I showed up back on the my parents' doorstep to begin my T-run, sweaty, happy, hot, happy, and HAPPY!  We rode close to 90 miles (um's REALLY flat and fast here) and I definitely feel much better now about where to ride.  Plus it was a great group of people with very little hammering.  GOOD DEAL.  Oh, and I DO remember how to ride my bike.  Always a concern when you've been on the trainer for a couple months.  Just like they say though, it's just like riding a bike...  ;)

Sunday I rode by myself for another 60+ miles to a little town called Hardeeville.  Yes, that's right, Hardeeville.  I definitely found rural South Carolina!  No traffic and flat, straight roads for as long as the eye can see.  The only riding hazard out that way is the farm/junkyard dog!  Beware, those buggers run fast!

This morning I hit up masters here on the island.  Great group of people and so friendly and welcoming.  They swam a nice long main set which made me happy and then they have the pool for another few hours (there are 2 different morning sessions) so if you want to stay on and swim more you can.  LOVE!  This is going to be good, very good.

And so we start.  I got my schedule for the 3 weeks that I am here and indeed, it's a massive amount of work.  I'm ready and willing for the challenge though!  Time to get to work!  (only bad part is, Oscar left to go back to Pittsburgh yesterday - miss him so much already!)

Oh and just a PSA, when you are clumsy like me, you should not get in fights with the bars in the weight room.  I bonked my head off one and then walked around in the gym looking like a major misfit/weirdo.  Needless to say, I didn't make too many friends this morning.  :)

I predict a rather large goose egg on my head tomorrow!


  1. Wait? Did you hit yourself in the head with a barbell? You are going to have to provide a few more details on exactly how that happened. Enjoy S.C.!

  2. beth! be careful throwing those weights around! nice job with all the riding, i am super impressed!

  3. Wowza, that's one big goose egg! I hope you head feels alright. What a fun 3 weeks ahead. Excited to read more about it!

  4. ummmm...ouch! your poor head, be careful! I'm sad to say I've done this before, though. those plated weights, they hurt.

  5. AHHh!! Your poor head! My face doctor (from when I banged up my face biking) told me road rash heals really well. He was right!!!

    Enjoy your time down there and be careful :) You will looking pretty badass at the next group ride!!!

  6. sounds like your trip to going well, besides the attack from the bar at the gym..

  7. Sounds like a great trip so far Beth!! Minus the bar attack:( Ooowie!!! I pray it heals fast! Enjoy the nice warm weather down there!!! :) Soo super jealous!

  8. Ouch Beth! Hope that feels better soon!

  9. wow you got that bar good!!!! ouch- I would totally do the same thing. no more incidents!! only big training! so glad you are finding awesome rides and good training :)